82YO Man Reportedly Lived in a DIY Tent Near Bugis for 10 Years With a Cat


While returning home after a long day of work seems like the norm for most of us, it hasn’t been the case for this elderly man for more than a decade.

Recently, it was reported that a Malaysian named Pang Jee Ting had been living in a DIY tent in the back alley of Purvis Street behind Chin Chin Eating House for over a decade.

However, Mr Pang, 82, recently got into an accident, prompting the police to try and appeal for his next-of-kin.

Based on reports, Mr Pang moved to Singapore at a young age to work before becoming a Singapore permanent resident.

Mr Pang’s Living Arrangements

Reporters from Shin Min Daily News who visited Mr Pang’s “home” noted that the tent that Mr Pang slept in was made of canvas, wooden planks and cardboard.

According to the reporter, the tent was extremely small and could only house one person in it.

There was also some cardboard placed on the floor, which appeared to act as a mattress of sorts for Mr Pang.


A security guard in the vicinity also shared that he would usually see Mr Pang hanging around in the area with his bicycle, and that he appeared to be living on the streets.

He also mentioned that Mr Pang would sometimes pick up cigarette butts strewn on the street and smoke them while cycling around the area.

Boss of Restaurant Would Offer Him Meals; He Used to Collect Cardboard and Sell It

As for the boss of Chin Chin Eating House, he explained to Shin Min that Mr Pang would always be in his DIY tent located in the back alley behind his restaurant regardless of the weather, even if it was raining.

The boss also shared that Mr Pang would burn some paper at night outside the restaurant, and he speculated that Mr Pang might have done so to repel mosquitoes.


The boss added that he would let Mr Pang eat at his restaurant for free whenever he spotted him on the account that both men were Hainanese.

There were also other passersby who would occasionally give Mr Pang free food as well.

He also shared that when Mr Pang first built his “tent”, he used to cycle around and collect abandoned cardboard and sell it in an attempt to make a living.

However, Mr Pang apparently stopped in recent years after saying that it was not worth it to sell cardboard anymore.

Apart from that, the boss also said that Mr Pang only owned one or two sets of clothing.

He would take showers in the back alley with his clothes on and let them dry naturally after that.

Mr Pang Used to Stay in Toa Payoh, Now Has a Cat Following Him Everywhere

Apparently, Mr Pang used to live in a leased apartment at Toa Payoh but moved out after getting into disagreements with his roommate.

The boss also added that Mr Pang has a bad temper and that he has a high self-esteem as well.

Even though social workers tried to approach him and offer him help in the past, he rejected the help.

Mr Pang has also refused to return to the Toa Payoh apartment despite the hardships of living on the streets.


He also shared that a black cat began following Mr Pang around in recent years, and has stuck with him ever since.

The boss added that the cat is still waiting for Mr Pang’s return, and the cat was seen in the tent when Shin Min reporters visited the area as well.

Recently Got Into Accident, Police Trying to Appeal for Next-of-Kin

As mentioned earlier, Mr Pang recently met with an accident while he was at Victoria Street near Bugis+, which was also what led to his living arrangements being revealed.

Members of the public told Shin Min that they saw an ambulance behind a bus at around 9.15am on 17 June.

According to an eyewitness, Mr Pang sustained injuries on his forehead but his eyes were open, suggesting that he was conscious when sent to the hospital.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) later confirmed that they were alerted of an accident that had occurred at around 9.15am on 17 June.


The accident took place at the junction between Middle Road and Victoria Road, and one person was sent to Singapore General Hospital for medical treatment.

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On 18 June, the Singapore Police Force released an appeal for next-of-kin for Mr Pang.

“The police are appealing for the next-of-kin of 82-year-old Mr Pang Jee Ting to come forward.

Mr Pang was involved in an accident along Victoria Street towards Kallang Road after Middle Road on June 17, 2022, and is in critical condition.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at www.police.gov.sg/witness. All information will be kept strictly confidential,” SPF wrote.


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