Salesman Managed to Gain Enough Attention for Hilariously Terrible Photos of Car He’s Selling


Most of us have been through this: trying to take the absolute perfect photo in the perfect lighting and angles, whether it’s for your new passport photo or for your newest listing you’re trying to post on Carousell.

Regardless of what you’re trying to capture, you probably want it to be captured in the best light.

But it seems like this wasn’t the case for this Malaysian who was trying to sell a car, and it also seems like he had a pretty good reason for taking such an odd approach to try and sell the vehicle.

Man Tried to Sell Honda Civic With Ridiculously Shaky and Unfocused Photos

Earlier this month on 10 June, Facebook user Robert Liew uploaded the following photographs onto his Facebook account in an attempt to try and sell his Honda Civic FK8:

Yes, those photos are of a car.

With 15 photos in the post that are all of similar quality, you probably had difficulty trying to figure out what kind of car Liew was trying to sell, even if you have perfect eyesight.


The humour of the post extended to its caption as well, with Liew writing “Phone Number R-27625”, “Mugen Tail Lights” “Blitz Throttle Controller” and “Carrozzeria Player” as part of the car’s features in the caption.

Netizens’ Reactions

After the post was uploaded to Facebook, it soon attracted the attention of many netizens and has since amassed over 6,500 reactions, 1,300 comments and 8,100 shares on Facebook.

A huge majority of the netizens who interacted with the post were mostly amused at the tactic that Liew had taken to try and promote his car, and poked fun at his photos as well.

“Maybe take about 30-40% off the meth intake before you try to take photos bud,” one commenter wrote jokingly.

Another netizen commented, “Car is so fast it’s literally impossible to take a photo of it!”

Many Facebook users also tagged their friends in the comments section to have a good laugh out of the situation together.

Since then, Liew also updated his Facebook profile description to “I’m apparently now known as the hilariously terrible photographer.”

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Actual Car Advertisement Posted Afterwards

A day after Liew’s initial post was uploaded on Facebook, he took a more serious turn and uploaded the “actual” car advertisement for the automobile.

“I never thought my ad will become so viral,” he wrote in his caption in a lighthearted tone.

The post was accompanied by a series of (thankfully) high-quality photos of the car, suggesting that Liew’s initial post was to attract and amuse netizens before he posted the actual sales advertisement.

“All jokes aside, here are some proper photos of the Type R, but it seriously needs a new home though,” he explained.

According to his Facebook profile, Liew also works in the car industry as well — he apparently works at First Mile Auto Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Robert Liew)


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