Teo Heng is Now A Work, Dine & Chill Space; You Can Rent Their Rooms for S$4/Hr/Room


When Teo Heng KTV announced that they were closing down and leaving the karaoke industry for good, it was a heartbreaking moment for everyone with fond memories of living out their Beyoncé dreams in the much-loved karaoke chain. 

And when the chain later confirmed that they were leaving the industry only temporarily, many heaved a sigh of relief as Teo Heng KTV director Jean Teo assured supporters that they would eventually make a comeback. 

Now, the chain has bounced back and is transforming itself into a space for customers to “work, dine & chill”. So while singing may be out of the picture for a while, at least we won’t have to bid farewell to our friendly neighbourhood penguin anytime soon. 

Teo Heng is Now A Work, Dine & Chill Space; You Can Rent Their Rooms for $4/Hr/Room

Selected Teo Heng outlets will open for business starting this Friday (19 Mar), including the outlets at Causeway Point and Bedok Point. 

The JCube outlet will reopen at a later time. 

So, what exactly can you do in Teo Heng outlets now if you can’t sing? 

Don’t worry, these rooms can be used for work, leisure, and just about anything in between. 

The company hopes to offer their spaces for friends and families to spend more time together in privacy, especially since many F&B places now impose time restrictions on how long customers can dine in. 

WFH can be a real drag, and Teo Heng understands this as well, which is why they’re also opening up their spaces to those who would like a place to work outside of home. 

Additionally, you book the space for birthday celebrations as well. Teo Heng has said that customers can simply inform them in advance if the reservation is for a birthday party, and they will help to decorate the room completely free of charge. 

But that’s not all. The company is also looking into other innovative uses for the rooms, such as allowing E-sports players to train for their competitions. 

Teo Heng has also included some complimentary amenities for customers’ perusal in these outlets, such as HDMI cables for customers to connect their laptop to the TV screen, as well as a ring light with a stand for live-streaming. 

You are still welcome to bring your own food and beverages, and canned drinks are available for sale at $1. 

There is also a microwave oven available, along with pre-packaged food from the Select Group to cater to those staying late in the rooms. 

Despite having lost millions due to the pandemic, the family-run business still continued to pay workers’ salaries in full and did the best they could to hold on to their staff, drawing on their savings to pay their employees. 

Teo mentioned that all that the company hopes to achieve is to be able to earn enough to cover the costs of rent and pay their workers salaries during this difficult time, so if you’re in need of a space for your own purposes, do be sure to show the chain some support.


Here are the rates for the rooms per hour, based on size of the room and time of visit: 

  • Small room: $4 (happy hours), $6 (peak hours) 
  • Medium room: $6 (happy hours), $8 (peak hours) 
  • Large room: $8 (happy hours), $10 (peak hours) 
  • Party room: $15 (happy hours), $18 (peak hours) 

The company has thrown in a sweet deal as well—if you accumulate five hours, you can get one hour free of charge! 

Note: The rooms are available for booking between 10am-1am, and peak hours are from 7pm-1am. 

To make a reservation, call +65 6760 0345.

Featured Image: Facebook (Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio)