This IG-Worthy ‘Terrace House’ Worth Almost $1 Million Is Actually An HDB Unit


Feast your eyes on this gorgeous abode:

Image: Qanvast

This terrace house must cost a bomb, right?

Well yes, it’s rather expensive, but it’s not a terrace house at all, it’s actually an HDB flat.

Image: Giphy

I know, I know. You must have fallen off your seat in shock.

Reader: Well not really, I read the headline.

Oh right.

But wait, how the heck can an HDB apartment look this luxurious and spacious?

A $200,000 Makeover

You need to spend money to make money, as they say.

According to MS Newsthe two-storey flat located along Stirling Road in Queenstown underwent a $200,000 renovation in 2018.

Now, the fresh-looking flat is on the market for $980,000.

Image: Tenor

The mini garden and front porch, which you’ve already seen, offers a peaceful little escape to rest and relax after a hard day’s work.


And the interior isn’t too shabby either.

Living Room & Dining Area

The contrast of marble floors with light wood accents imbues the living room with a feeling of homeliness and a splash of luxury.

Image: Qanvast

Textured white walls are not something you see very often these days, but it certainly adds to the classy look of the flat.

Also, props to the one who made the decision to place a tiny bull-shaped stool next to the coffee table.

Image: Qanvast

The wall-to-wall cabinet carries the wooden accents into the dining area, which looks just as cosy and inviting.

Image: Qanvast


You need to be able to see what you’re doing in the kitchen, of course, unless you’re like me and always end up making something that tastes like pickled sewage.

According to MS News, the owners of this rejuvenated house installed recessed lights in the kitchen, with light strips running beneath the cabinet atop the counter space.

Image: Qanvast


Similar to the contrast of grey and light brown in the kitchen, the wooden grey panels nicely complements the light wooden floors and computer table in the master bedroom.

The yellow bedside table doesn’t seem out of place at all, and actually makes the room feel more snug and homely.

Image: Qanvast

The guest room, which is adjacent to the master bedroom, doesn’t have the opulence of the master bedroom, but looks just as comfy.

Image: Qanvast

Barn Doors 

Another cool touch is the set of barn doors which lead to the bathroom and master bedroom.

Image: Qanvast

The barn doors give the area a rustic feel, adding to the feeling of simplicity in the home.

Other Reasons for High Price

According to Property Guruthe flat is located near two MRT stations, which are just a walking distance away.

Commonwealth MRT is 11 minutes away, while Queenstown is just 5 minutes away.

The house, which was listed a week ago, also has a sports complex and swimming pool nearby, as well as a backyard carpark.

The price might be high, but given how stylish the flat looks, I’m sure many residents wouldn’t mind making this their home.


And if renovations can make an HDB apartment look this good, maybe it’s time we breathe new life into our ageing homes?

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