Popular Thai Supermarket in Golden Mile Now Has Online Store With Exclusive Items


Love everything Thai, from Mama Thai Green Curry instant noodles to authentic Thai spices?

When it comes to authentic Thailand products, none can beat the huge Thai Supermarket located at Golden Mile.

If you have been going to the Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile to get your Thailand fix, I’ve got some great news for you.

Popular Thai Supermarket in Golden Mile Now Has Online Store With Exclusive Items

Just like thousands of businesses before it, the popular Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile can now be explored and purchased from in the comforts of your own home.

Having served customers in Singapore for 35 years, the Thai supermarket is now looking to attract millennials by setting up an online store.

Targeted at Millennials

If you were to take a jaunt within the site, you can tell that the products available are geared towards younger people.

The online store is stocked with the latest snacks, instant noodles and drinks from Thailand.

This includes the popular Chatrumue brand instant Thai milk tea powder:

Image: thaisupermarket.sg

As well as the popular Koh Kae coated peanuts and Lay’s collaborative potato chips:

Image: thaisupermarket.sg

Needless to say, the prices are pretty affordable too, and they’re offering free delivery for your first order.

That’s not all, though.

555 (LOL) Snackbox

They also created their own boxes with a fun little twist.

Called the 555 Snackbox, it’s exclusively available online and costs S$29.90.

In Thai, the number, 5, is pronounced as ha; so 555 makes it ha-ha-ha (LOL).

Image: thaisupermarket.sg

The box consists of snacks like the Lay’s-KFC/Pizza Hut collaboration potato chips, fried prawn chins and HuaHed Crispy Enoki Mushroom snacks, among many others.

Not just that, the box also includes an “air ticket” which let users get discounts, or even free dishes, from one of the Thai restaurants in the same building.


A Necessary Move

56-year-old Loh Yuen Seng, one of the founders of the supermarket, said this is a “necessary move” for the supermarket.

“If you live in Sengkang or Jurong, it might not be convenient for you to come to Golden Mile. Now, you can buy online.”

Turns out, during the Circuit Breaker period, the supermarket has allegedly received calls from many customers wanting to find out if the supermarket was still open for business.

These customers then proceed to swarm the supermarket and clear them out of fish sauce, instant noodles, and canned food.

Also, he saw the surge in the demand for online-shopping during the circuit breaker period and saw people’s thirst for a taste of Bangkok while they’re stuck in Singapore.


While Golden Mile might be sold in the future, Mr Loh says he expects the current supermarket to maintain its location for the next “3 to 5 years”.

And even if Golden Mile is no more, Thai Supermarket will simply shift to an alternative location.

Interested in checking out Thai Supermarket’s online store? You can click here to start shopping now.

Featured Image: huntergol hp / Shutterstock.com