Thailand McDonald’s is Having Salted Egg Shaker Fries & Salted Caramel Sundae

If you’re a typical young Singaporean, chances are you’ll like these two things.


But like any other young Singaporean, you can’t afford anywhere outside of Asia. So Thailand is one of your favourites, yeah?

Salted Egg.

Image: Jia Yuen Eating House Facebook Page

You love anything salted egg, don’t you? Salted egg chicken, crab, burger, chips, and many more.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

The Land of Smiles has just prepared one more reason to send you flying over there once more.

Salted Egg Shaker Fries

If you like shaker fries and grab them at McDonald’s at every opportunity, you’ll love this news.

Unfortunately seemingly a Thailand-exclusive, McDonald’s is releasing an all-new shaker fries that will cause every Instagram teen to salivate uncontrollably.

🎉ใหม่🎉 เฟรนช์ฟรายส์ปะทะไข่เค็ม ความอร่อยกลมกล่อมที่ลงตัว ยิ่งเขย่ายิ่งอร่อย 🤩🍟😍รีบไปจัดกันเลยเริ่ม 22 ก.ค. 62 – 27…

Posted by McDonald's on Sunday, 21 July 2019

No caption translation this time, sorry, I don’t speak Thai. The Facebook translation function is your best bet.

With the M size at 59 baht (~2.63 SGD) and the XL size at 79 baht (~3.52 SGD), the prices are pretty similar to Singapore’s.

However, if you’re over at Bangkok and want to try something new, why not?

But if you do make a trip there, you might want more than just the salted egg shaker fries to try.

Salted Caramel Sundae & McFlurry

While not a Thailand exclusive, you may enjoy the salted buddy of salted egg that many SG youngsters love.

Posted by McDonald's on Wednesday, 24 July 2019

For those who can’t decide between sweet and salted food (like me), salted caramel is a heaven-sent gift.

And I can’t appreciate enough how well ice cream brings out its flavour.

Image: Thailand McDonald’s Facebook
Image: สยามรัฐ

Based on the images, it appears that the McFlurry costs 32 baht (~1.43 SGD) while the sundae costs 29 baht (~1.29 SGD).

Are you salivating yet? I am.

Still, no one’s crazy enough to book a flight to Thailand just for some McDonald’s snacks, right?



Where are you going?

On a side note, McDonald’s Singapore, can you bring this over?

Image: Giphy

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