The 3 Main Cockroach Species That Roam in S’pore

Image: Good Luck Photo /

The worst enemy of any Singaporean isn’t a possessive girlfriend or a loser boyfriend, but a cockroach. Known to strike fear even to the bravest commando, these pests have been harassing us Singaporeans for 50 years, and us humankind since we become intelligent.

While there are over 4,000 different species of cockroaches in the world, only 40 species are known to be domestic pests—the rest live in their natural environment without disturbing us. And in Singapore, the three most common cockroaches that live in our houses (eh, don’t deny, they’re hiding somewhere) are the German Cockroach, the American Cockroach and the Brown Banded Cockroach.

You really need to know more about them, because to kill your enemy, you need to understand them.

German Cockroach


One of the smaller cockroaches, they can only grow up to 1.5 cm, and is more yellowish. Compared to the other two species, this cockroach lays the most number of eggs, so if you see one, don’t think: just strike.

The female German Cockroach usually is darker and has a big stomach, so if you spot one of these female ones, remember this: if you don’t strike, it’ll strike.

Brown Banded Cockroach


One of the smallest cockroaches in the world, it can only grow u to 1.4 cm, and is very, very common everywhere, be it in your house or in your car. The reason is simple: they like humid and warm places, so to keep them out, keep the water out.

American Cockroach


This is the killer cockroach, the one that strikes fear and makes grown adults scream: growing up to 4 cm, it’s actually dark brown instead of completely black. Just like the Brown Banded Cockroach, it prefers humid and warm places and also likes hiding in dark areas.

The number of eggs they lay is one of the least among the three, but hey: one of these is able to make girls jump on their bed. To an American Cockroach, it’s not about the quantity: it’s about the quality.

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