The Agak-Agak Amount of Money a Couple Should Have Before Getting Married in S’pore

Last Updated on 2022-03-30 , 8:35 pm

If you are planning to pop the question, or if both you and your boyfriend / girlfriend are already intending to get hitched, drop everything and read this now.

Don’t hurry into marriage before you are ready to deal with some pretty shocking numbers.

In Singapore, you have to consider many aspects of wedding preparations and even housing considerations, which add up to costs a bomb.

Putting a ring on it

Firstly, the engagement ring will set you back by $3,000 minimum and that’s assuming you get a 0.5carat diamond ring from a jewellery brand with a normal reputation. We aren’t talking about Tiffany&Co or Cartier here, by the way, which can easily double that amount.

Even if you decide to skip the engagement ring (after discussing with your girlfriend, of course), you still have the wedding bands for the actual day which can cost $2,000-$3,000 for a pair.

Minimum amount: $3,000 without the engagement ring, $6,000 with one.


This is the biggest thing you have to budget for. It takes about 3 years to get a flat, so you will have to plan in advance. Also, if you are a new couple, you may be able to get a grant.

Want to know more about BTO? Here’s a video on BTO: you’ll be an expert in it after watching it.

Minimum amount: $2,000 cash and $34,000 either in CPF or cash

Renovation for BTO

You will need to plan for your flat. You can’t possibly live in an unpainted house without any basic amenities, right? This amount excludes furniture but includes things like installing your stove and toilet amenities.

Minimum: $30,000

Pictures of you

A wedding photo shoot is usually necessary even if you are camera-shy. You need to keep your memories intact. However, your wallet will not be intact after this.

An all-inclusive wedding package that includes your outfits, the car and props will cost $3,000 and upwards. Plus, that is if you can resist all the hard-selling tactics that they will execute when you actually start the photo shoot. Usually, couples pay much more than the basic price.

Minimum amount: $3,500 for the most basic package


A hotel wedding will cost you at least $1,000 per table. That’s a big number, and it adds up quickly when you count all your relatives from both sides of the couple. Usually, the minimum is 10 tables.

You will probably feel a lot less cheerful when you yum-seng with your guests when you think about the cost. Better be prepared to fork out more if your guests order additional wine or drinks.

Minimum amount: $10,000 for just the tables alone

Photos of you and your guests yum-Seng-ing

A good photographer plus a videographer will cost at least $3,000 if you want to keep your wedding in your memory. We haven’t even included a photo booth, which is the trend for most weddings with young couples nowadays.

Minimum amount: $3,000


This can really vary widely, depending on the couple’s preference. However, your honeymoon will be the best time to revive that dating honeymoon phase, even if it is just for a short while.

You’ll probably stay in a good hotel, rather than the usual budget hotels you go with your other half. The standard duration is usually a week, and if you don’t go to Europe, you could save a good amount.

Minimum amount: $3,000

So the total amount of cash you will need would be around $91,000. Assuming that you are planning your marriage 3 years in advance, you will need to save $2,527 each month.

That’s about $1,264 each split between the two of you. Since people usually save 1/3 of their income, that means that you will have to be earning $3,800 each before you can even start to think about planning your marriage.

Disclaimer: All amounts are arbitrary, depending on the couple and other external factors. Take this guide with a pinch of salt!