The Agar Agar Market Rate for AngBao in 2017, Because #FacePalm

Every year’s CNY got us thinking: How much money should you be putting into your Ang Baos? Do you have the same doubt as us?

We tried to find what’s the market rate for Ang Bao in 2017 and got facepalmed instead. 

Market Rate for Ang Bao 2017

According to this market rate in 2016, it projects how much is expected of us to give in Ang Baos. 

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I’m sure many of us usually give/receive Ang Baos below market rate. Aren’t we all a little guilty now? I mean, who receives an Ang Bao above $2 nowadays from your neighbour? 


How much is too much?

Exactly how much to put? It really depends on your relationship with the other party. If it is your own family members, don’t niao and give $2 only please. Giving Ang Bao is ultimately a symbol of giving the opposite party your blessings. As much as they say giving comes from the heart, sometimes our budget is too tight and we can’t afford to give too much. Reserve the $2 for your colleague’s children instead! 

After all, CNY is more than just collecting money Ang Baos. Take this festive occasion to reunite with your family and spend ample time with them. Of course, don’t forget to feast on those new year goodies!

Of course, for some reason, there’s no rate we could find online. Maybe we’ve finally grown out of that stage–or maybe, it’ll be out in a few days?

In the meantime, if you really need a reference, you can use the chart above.

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