The GO-JEK ‘Hostage’ Passenger Shows 7 Obvious Traits of a Strawberry

Lest you’ve not watched the GO-JEK “kidnap” video, here’s the link to the video for your viewing pleasure.

It’s so popular, it has been meme-ified and parodied in less than 24 hours after the video was uploaded.

While people turned the phrase “Is it because I am Chinese” into the next big thing after “high-SES”, what they didn’t realise is that the sentence is just one of the several things that the passenger has done to show how “strawberry” she is.

In fact, she exhibited so many traits of a strawberry she should be used as a case study should there be a book titled How to Spot a Strawberry.

Here’re the seven signs that she’s exhibited in a short seven-minute clip.

Expecting Something Without Asking For It, Because Everyone Has It

The very obvious trait of a strawberry is this: they expect the world to just give them what they want, even if it’s impossible.

The passenger got into the GO-JEK car and expected the driver to just ‘siam’ all the ERPs because in her other rides, there was no ERP at all. She didn’t even ask for it; she just expected it, because others did so.

Doesn’t that resemble the strawberry who walked into an interview and expected the HR to give her $6,000 a month…because her friends are drawing the same pay?

Filming When They Think They’re Right (They’re Always “Right”)

Need I say more?

Strawberries don’t just think they’re always right: they’ll want validation from others as well, which is why you often see people trying to online shame others, only to receive backlash instead of support.

Obviously she didn’t upload the video because anyone sane would know it’ll backfire.

Anyways, the strawberry was filming so coolly with her iPhone, but she suddenly “siam” from the driver’s camera, which brings to the next point…

They Can Do Anything to Others, But Others Can’t Do Anything to Them

…she “siamed” to the other side to avoid the driver’s camera, and even claimed that the driver “has no right to video” her.

Ah, the weapon of choice for any strawberry: the word “rights”.

But of course, she herself was filming the driver like a boss.

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To a strawberry, they’ve the right to do anything to others, but others don’t have the right to do anything to them. What a fair world they’re living in.

Everyone Must Know What They’re Thinking (Or What They Want)

Have you encountered someone who comes into the office and proclaims, “Don’t you know what I want? You should know!”

Well, that’s a strawberry: they expected people to know what they’re thinking because the world is about them.

She claims that the driver does know the way, and knows that she’s an early person (of course, who doesn’t know? She’s so important!), so he has purposely taken the route with ERP.

I don’t know where’s the logic in that, but come on: are you trying to use logic to argue with a Strawberry?

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Everything Must be Convenient to The Strawberry

To a strawberry, whatever others do, it must benefit him or her because the earth spins for a strawberry.

So if a strawberry is going to NS, make sure he’ll enlist only when he’s ready: if not, the authorities have violated human rights.


And if a strawberry wants to make a police report, go to one that’s convenient to him or her, even if it’s a serious offence like kidnapping.

So, in this case, the driver has decided to head to a police station, and the closest one is at Toa Payoh.

Guess what the passenger said?

“Go to the town one loh.”

Just so you know, town is where she’s headed.


Okay, I’ve got to admit the way she said it is rather…cute.

When she was on the phone with someone, she then complained that she now has to “pay the extra distance from Toa Payoh” to the place she’s going if she’s taking another cab.

Wait, wasn’t she already kidnapped?

Call for Mama For Help

The number one trait of a strawberry: when faced with a problem, pass it to his or her parents immediately.

The passenger did it literally, allegedly calling her mother and letting her talk to the driver.


And worst of it all? The mother’s attitude matches those of helicopter parents: she even threatened the driver.

No wonder she’s a strawberry.

Run Away from Problems Instead of Facing It

What happens when a strawberry encounters a problem her parents can’t solve?

Run away from it and let it disappear by itself (if it ever).

This isn’t confirmed, but it’s alleged online that the passenger has since removed her Facebook account and disappeared from the online world.


Now, if she would just come out and apologise, I’m sure all the memes would disappear overnight.

But instead, like a true strawberry, she disappeared overnight instead.

“Is it because I’m Chinese?”

Obvious enough? No? Here are some more common examples spoken by true-blue strawberries:

“I’m only paid this amount? Is it because I’m a fresh grad?”

“I didn’t get promoted? Is it because I’m young?”

“I get such bad results? Is it because the marker is bias?”

A strawberry will find even the most outrageous reason for their argument. The last I heard, even Mr Spock got angry after trying to use logic to converse with a strawberry.

So, if you’re someone who’s unfamiliar with the strawberry generation, the video + this article would have been quite a crash course.

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