The History of how Doraemon Lost His Ears is Even Sadder Than Land Before Time

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He is blue, round and afraid to death of mice. He has a magical pocket on his belly and pulls miracles out of it like how magicians pull rabbits out of a top hat.

He has a door that can lead to all kinds of impossible places and a cap which allows him to fly into the sky.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, we are talking about Doraemon.

Image: enchanted_fairy /

The Mystery of Doraemon

The robot cat who loves to snack on dorayaki and gets into trouble with Nobita, the main protagonist of the series.

As a kid, when I was enamoured with Doraemon, I did not stop to wonder why Doraemon has no ears and is blue in colour.

I did not stop to wonder why a cat is so afraid of mice, especially when he can easily pull out a magical invention to put them in their places.

And I definitely did not stop to wonder why his sister is yellow and has ears.

I just accepted that Doraemon has always looked like this. Well, at least until that concept in my head was pulled out and smashed to pieces when a sadder version of the tale made its rounds around the internet.

Doraemon Was Yellow & Has Years

Doraemon used to look like his sister, yellow and definitely not ear-less.

The story goes like this: Doraemon was produced in 2112 in a factory and like normal children, these robot cats go to robot schools.

Because of a defect, Doraemon was failing every class he took.

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When the time came for him to be sold off, no one wanted to buy him except for the Nobi’s baby son, Sewashi, who purchased him by mistake.

A Vague Order

One day, Sewashi was trying to make a figurine of Doraemon out of clay but was unable to mould an exact replica of his ears.

In a fit of frustration, he commanded his robot mouse to bite off the ears of the clay figurine, but the robot mouse bit off the real Doraemon’s ears because the orders given were not clear enough.

Doraemon was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors made a mistake and instead of fixing the ears, they removed them completely. Ouch.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

To get himself out of his depressing funk, Doraemon decided to drink a potion of optimism but ingested a potion of pessimism by mistake.

So he cried and cried, and cried so much his yellow paint peeled off and he turned blue.

I will have to say that as an adult, I like this version of how Doraemon became the way he is because it answered a lot of questions that we have.

But if I was still a child, I believe that this story will take away the magical feeling that Doraemon has inspired in all of us.

And yes, if you’ve noticed, our dear Doraemon is literally made up of so many mistakes, and yet everyone likes him #justsaying