Here’s the Ideal Time to Try on New Shoes So It’ll Fit Nicely Every Day


Last Updated on 2022-08-01 , 2:27 pm

Before I get any rotten eggs thrown to me, let me just get this out of the way: the best time to buy shoes is actually when there’s a sale.

Yeah, alright, I get it: it’s a stinky-feet joke that deserves more than rotten eggs but let’s face it: most of us are buying our shoes online nowadays anyways.

It’s almost an everyday occurrence that after we bought a pair of shoes, they somehow become smaller (or bigger) the next day, as if they’ve been shrunk.

Fun fact: it hasn’t. It’s just that your feet have expanded.

Sort of.

For a Start: Try on Both Shoes

Unless you’re in such a hurry to rush to the toilet that you’ve only time to try on one shoe, it’s imperative that you try on both of them.

You see, most of us have one foot that’s bigger than the other: it’s not weird, it’s just science. Some would have a larger right foot while others a larger left foot, so if you haven’t got the time to measure your feet, make sure you try both. I’m pretty sure the friendly stuff in Bata wouldn’t have minded.

And of course, the second fact is that you shouldn’t always assume that shoe sizes are uniform across all brands. While most would try to keep it consistent, it’s always advisable to try it on even if it’s the same brand. It’s not like you’re worth $1,000 per minute, aren’t you?

Now for the timing: When is the best time to try on your shoes?

First thing first: your feet are the smallest when you just wake up. After a beauty’s sleep, your feet would have recovered from any marathons you’ve had the day before, and muscles would have contracted back to how it should be.

So, having said that, should we try on new shoes at night, when it’s the biggest? Well, you’ll be surprised: it’s not.


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You see, after a long day of walking (even if you’re not walking, you would have to stand, or drive, which requires you to use your feet), there’s a slight swell in your feet and ankle. While it won’t swell to the size of X-Men’s Beast’s feet, it’ll still be obvious.

If so, shouldn’t we all try our shoes at night, when they’re at its biggest?


According to podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, chairman of Vionic shoes, you should buy your shoes in the morning, when it’s the…smallest.

You see, when your feet are swollen, it’s actually bigger than usual. If you try on new shoes with swollen feet, you’re going to have a pair of bigger shoes, because every morning, our feet are technically at its original size.

Granted that your feet might become bigger throughout the day, but they’re already in your shoes, so it would expand together with your shoes. That is, unless you’re wearing some metal shoes lah, which I’ve no idea what your occupation is.

Pretty shocking information, isn’t it?

But at least now we know.

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