The Internet Is Making Hilarious Wallpapers For Samsung’s New Hole-Punch Camera Design on S10 Series

Samsung has made waves in the technology industry once again with their newly released Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 Plus.

Source: Ben Geskin

The tech giant has once again renovated the entire phone, and there are a few amazing features.

Especially the camera. We’re not talking photos, we’re talking about the looks.

Hole-Punch Design

We’ve probably come across the new hole-punch design and left it as it is — a hole. But have we ever thought of it as eyes?

Source: Meme Center

Sam, Dick and Harry would probably answer no, but some creative people certainly did.

These people went all out to create unique wallpapers that incorporated the new phone design, and there’s a wallpaper for everyone.

Here are some that just needs to be highlighted.

The Best of Both Worlds

For those who have decided to start dating a Samsung instead of an iPhone, but still cannot forget your ex, this is for you.

Source: Reddit

That way, you can enjoy both boyfriends (or girlfriends) at the same time, literally. This brings 一脚踏两船 (a Chinese idiom for cheating) to a whole new level.

Source: Vox

Wall(-E)Paper, Anyone?

For those who are too old to relive their childhood (I offer my condolences) but often reminisce their past, here is a childhood movie for you.

Source: Reddit

Maybe you’ll be reminded of Wall-E’s significant other (there’s a pair one of Eve!), or maybe you’ll remember that the world will end in waste if we pile on rubbish carelessly and be inspired to save the Earth.

Hidden Camera

Maybe you’re into conspiracy theories, or maybe you say that “paranoia is only paranoia if no one is out to get you”. Maybe you have something to hide (although, a phone is totally not the way to do it). Then maybe, you need a constant reminder:

Source: Reddit

Cash me Outside, Why Don’t Ya?

To the people who are tired of Donald Trump’s rule or want to silently protest against the superficial meetings between him and Kim Jong-Un that regularly blows up the news, this is for you.

Source: Reddit

Though, I would like to note that this is for the strong-hearted who can stand seeing Trump shirtless instead of their god-status oppas.

Your Favourite Characters

Thankfully, there is no inequality between phones! People (or things, rather) who have one eye will certainly not be discriminated in the name of Samsung.

Source: Reddit

And if the Pokemon craze has not faded away for those who are still invested in Pokemon Go (why?), this iconic one is for you.

Source: Reddit

I’m not sure if people will be tempted to give Samsung a shot simply because of these wallpapers, but as a resident Samsung user, I sure hope so!

At the very least, this can be one thing that Samsung trumps over iPhone in their constant battle for supremacy.

Allowing people to get creative with their phones. (Basically Android vs iOS in a nutshell).

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