The latest WhatsApp feature allows you to bold and italic your text. OMG, I can’t even


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 4:36 pm

Whatsapp has been on a roll lately. There’s been so many tips issued on minor changes to the app. This time round, we’re taking a look at the recent changes that have taken place over the past two weeks. You’d find them available if you’re using version 2.12.535 of Whatsapp.

For starters, you’d be able to format the text you’re about to send on your messages. Change part or all of your words into italics or bold features. All you have to do to change your text into bold is add an asterisk at the beginning and the end of your phrases or sentences. Switch the same to italics by adding underscores in front of and at the bank of your wordings.

The formatting for Whatsapp is pretty similar to Google+.

Your recipient would only be able to see these features at in their full glory if they are running on the same version you are.

To top it off, notifications also showcase the name of the message sender in bold. This makes it so much easier to navigate between different texts and see who’s chatting you up before you open the actual app itself.

The bold setting for the sender’s name runs on the same kind of formatting that’s used for chat displays.


Another useful feature that’s now in place is the ability to FINALLY send documents through WhatsApp. If you’re about to attach a document, click on “Browse other docs…”. This will result in a pop up to select a file from your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive documents.

You’d be directed to Android’s file picker system which allows you to choose a PDF file from your online store room. Take note though, as these files would be converted into PDF files (if they aren’t already PDFs). That’s one setback you’d have to deal with for now.

The other noteworthy change is the way local backups are handled. The last time you had a backup done, you’d have to tap your feet as the update blocked pretty much everything on your phone. You would not have so much as an indication of how much time is left. Progress bar? Nope!

Right now, the pop-up would still appear, but it also shows a percentage of completion. You’d at least be able to gage that it’s not gonna be as long as you thought it would be.

Enjoy the latest Whatsapp bold and italic features, and let’s hope we get more shortcuts from the team soon!

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