The Number of Eggs a Person Can Consume Per Day is Actually More Than One

Image: BorisKotov /

You would have heard this from your parents or grandparents before: “Boy arh, every day can only eat a maximum of one egg arh. The cholesterol very high.”

Now, think of how many eggs you’ve taken yesterday. One? Two? Three? How about the day before that? And you’re still alive, aren’t you?

Eggs are one of the most nutritious and affordable foods you can find in a supermarket. The concern many people have is the cholesterol: an average egg would have about 186 mg of cholesterol, which is 62% of what our body requires in a day.

So, does that mean having two would be unhealthy since it exceeds the recommended cholesterol intake?

Arh… don’t worry. You’re not going to die. Before you go apeshit, here’s what you need to know about cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an essential substance in our body that makes hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest food—in other words, it’s something that our body needs to survive. Usually, our body makes the cholesterol by itself when required.

When we ingest food with cholesterol, our body makes less cholesterol since they’re already coming in from the outside of our body. There are two types of cholesterol: the LDL and the HDL.

LDL is considered bad because it stays in our arteries, whereas HDL is good because it carries the cholesterol in our body back to the liver for removal. So, with cholesterol from eggs, what happens to our body? Apparently, there were studies done on this, and this is the shocking conclusion:

According to a research by the University of Connecticut, there is an increase in cholesterol is primarily in the HDL instead. As mentioned earlier, HDL is the “healthy” cholesterol. So what does this mean? It means it’s generally safe to have one more one egg per day.

However, just a disclaimer: it really depends a lot on your age, your weight and essentially, your health. Anyway, back to the topic. According to studies, the magical number is three—if you insist on having more eggs, stick to a maximum of three.

Of course, you can still go with the usual one egg per day, but come on: two cai png a day means two eggs per day already leh. How can?