The Old S’pore IC Wasn’t Exactly Brown, But Pink As Well

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Do you know how your parents’ NRIC looked like?

If you were to go home and ask your parents to show you their old NRIC, what you’d see is brown, faded laminated pieces of cards with their photos and an identification number with a lot of creases from being folded too much.


Shocking that this used to be a Singapore IC, eh? Well, at least for young people who haven’t seen this before.

Unlike the credit card size NRIC which suddenly seemed so much sturdier compared to theirs, the old NRIC is a big piece of laminated paper with just their name, a unique identification number and a thumb print. You’d find yourself scratching your head in awe at how different the NRIC was back then.

Lest you’re so damn young and you’ve not seen the current NRIC before (you lucky fellow), here you go.


After you’ve gotten over the shock at the state of the old NRIC, be shocked once again at what their NRIC looked like when it was brand new.

old-NRIC 2

It’s not supposed to be brown and grungy, it’s actually supposed to be pink for Citizens and blue for PRs, similar to the system we have right now.

old ic 2

I guess the reason why I was especially amazed at the colors of the old NRIC is simply because you can hardly find one that isn’t brown today.

Heck, you can hardly find one of these anymore.

Here’s a toast on how fair we’ve come, and how old we’ve become.


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