The Only 10 Facts You Need to Know About Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

If you’ve been wondering what’s with the “pen pineapple apple pen thing” going on around, it’s actually referring to a Japanese Youtube video that had garnered millions of views.In any case, lest you live in a cave, here’s the video.

There’ve been lots of memes related to this on social media, 9Gag and more. This video is the true meaning of “ending up on the wrong side of Youtube.” While it’s funny as hell, some find it nonsensical and annoying and you can watch the video to decide for yourself. So what’s the deal about this video? Here are the only 10 facts you need to know about this Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

The original version has gone viral
The original version which is uploaded in August by the dude in the video, has gone viral with 4 million views in one month. It has all the ingredients of a viral song – catchy and highly addictive rhythm, nonsense lyrics and easy dance moves. Anyone can sing it, or dance to it. It is stupid yet hilarious.

Created by a Japanese guy Piko-taro
This video, or rather, song, is called PPAP – which stands for Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. Nothing to do with our Government. The creator’s name Piko-taro who claims to be a singer-songwriter.

Piko-taro is created by DJ Kosaka Daimaou
His character Piko-taro is created, once again by DJ Kosaka Daimaou whose real name is Kuzuhito Kosaka. It’s almost a create-ception! Also, Kosaka is a comedian who appeared in a film titled Nogami in 2012.

The lyrics doesn’t mean anything
In case you still haven’t realized, the lyrics have no meaning, and they make absolutely zero sense. So don’t try Googling the meaning of PPAP.

He’s Borsalino from One Piece in real life
Yes, his character is actually Borsalino (Kizaru) from One Piece, a popular Japanese manga series. Look at that golden yellowish light beam costume!

Piko-taro was first introduced in stand-up performances
Kosaka first introduced his character Piko-taro in stand-up performances, which is a comic style where the comedian performs in front of a live audience. His character was so well-loved and popular that he decided to bring it to the next level – PEN PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN.

In other words, yeah, it’s not a new character. It just an old character that has gone viral online.

There’re all sorts of remixes and parodies online
Well, this is expected to happen with our innovative younger generation. Think Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style and of course, our local “Unbelievable”. There’re so many, it’s hard for me to list them down–just YouTube it.

He may reply you
If you’re lucky enough, he may reply you on Twitter if you submit your version to him! He’s replied some of the curious English speaking fans who had submitted their own versions, so tweet him @pikotaro_ppap if you’re feeling adventurous.

Do you have a friend who’s always smiling? Watch this video and you’ll know why he or she is always so happy:

Piko-taro has other videos
Piko-taro actually has several other videos and songs, but are mostly in Japanese. His most popular song is no doubt, the “I have a pen, I have an appo.”

The comments are funny
If you did bother to see the comments at all, it’s funny and sarcastic as hell. While some people felt the song to be “inspiring” or referring it as “cancer song,” some people loved it so much they wanted this song to be “played at their funeral.” The Internet is indeed deadly.

Featured Image: YouTube (ピコ太郎歌唱ビデオチャンネル)

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