PPAP Has a New Video With Girls & It’s Weirder This Time


Last Updated on 2018-03-02 , 9:37 am

PPAP isn’t exactly known for producing ‘normal’ music videos, seeing how he gave us ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen‘, the global phenomenon that… doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

Image: SBS

Nevertheless, even by the Japanese comedian’s usual ‘standards’, his latest music video is… weird.

And that’s an understatement.


Titled Vegetable, the MV features Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z, and starts off with the five of them taking centre stage.

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

And then they start making cutesy faces at the camera, before the first lyric popped up.


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Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

Tomato, tomato, tomato… petit tomato.

No idea what that even means, but by then they have already moved onto the next vegetable.

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

Potato, potato, potato… petit potato!

At this point I was seriously wondering why I’m still watching it, and then this part came up.

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

With everyone lining up firing squad style, the cutesy girl decked in yellow skipped to the start of the line and started…

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

Yeah, slapping their asses.

Incidentally, she will sing ‘Pumpkin’ every time the ass gets smacked.

And it’s also at this point that I stopped watching the video. Though apparently, the last ‘vegetable’ is parsley.

You can watch it yourself here:

They aren’t vegetables

Curiously, Netizens weren’t focused so much on the weird aspects as the fact that many of the ‘vegetables’ listed in the video were in fact, not vegetables.

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel
Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

Another spoke my mind.

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

Of course, one can argue that PPAP could hardly qualify as ‘music’ as well.

However, while PPAP was at least catchy, this latest single isn’t. Not even close. As a result, it just came out as a convoluted mess that’s neither catchy or sensible.


As the singers were preaching all video…

Image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel

The whole MV’s just a goddamn potato.

And for your information, that’s insulting the potato.

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Featured image: Pikitaro Official Youtube Channel