The reason why a wedding ring is on the fourth finger is super romantic

We’ve always known that wedding rings are exchanged and worn on the fourth fingers, otherwise known as the ring finger. But have you ever known the real reason behind this, or wondered why people do not wear it on other fingers? Here’s why. You’ll probably never view your ring finger and wedding bands the same way again.

The culture of wearing a ring on the fourth finger originated from ancient Egypt. Back then, only the women wore them but later during the 20th century, both the male and female would exchange rings and wear them on their fourth finger.

Egyptians believed that there is a special vein in the fourth finger that is directly connected to the heart, which is pretty apt since wearing your wedding band on that finger means you place your marriage, the most sacred and important thing in your life, closest to your heart. When couples exchange wedding bands and wear it on their ring fingers, it symbolizes eternal love. Never to be forsaken, never to be thrown aside.

And did you know that initially, wearing a band on the right fourth finger indicates that the couple are engaged whereas wearing it on the left fourth finger indicates marriage? Of course, in Singapore today, an engagement ring is typically worn on the middle finger. These practices change depending on religion and cultures.

Another belief we found is this: the ring finger symbolizes Apollo, a Greek god who has qualities such as creativity, artistic and the love of beauty in all natural forms. The meaning is later derived to love your partner in all of his or her forms. The act of wearing wedding bands on the fourth finger binds the man and women together, and both pledged to love each other through good times and bad, no matter what happens.

So, the next time you exchange wedding bands with your better half and wear it proudly on your fourth finger, or what we call nowadays the ring finger, don’t do it because everybody else is doing it. Do it because of your love for her, your promise to her and her importance to you. Simply put, do it because you want to be with her eternally, just like what the Egyptians did.

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