The reason why in the same room, some people feel cold while some feel hot

Do you ever feel cold and ask your friends if they feel the same, but they think you’re crazy because they’re sweating buckets? Or if you actually feel hot in an air conditioned room while your shivering pals are covered in blankets? It must have happened at some point of time. Ever wondered why it happens? We have the answers.

Physical health problems

If you’re feeling cold where the room is hot or hot where the room is cold, it could be that you’re falling sick, like getting the flu or fever. Sometimes it could also be because you have medical conditions such as anaemia or malnutrition or any weight issues. It’s best to consult a doctor.

Mental Health Problems

It is said that people tend to feel colder if they are lonely or depressed. So if you isolate yourself or are feeling the blues, you’re more likely to shiver even though others are warm and the room temperature doesn’t change.

On the other hand if you are hot, chances are you’re actually feeling happy and excited. So it gives off a warm fuzzy feeling inside you. Stress Yes, stress. What’s the connection?

Being stressed about work or family will tend to make you nervous, causing increased blood flow thus making your body feel worked and heated.

So if you are stressed out, it’s no wonder you feel hot in an air conditioned room. Stress seems to affect almost everything, it seems. So if you feel weirdly cold or hot when everyone else is feeling normal, it’s good for you to take a step back and see what is affecting you.

Try to release and relieve yourself, and free yourself from stress whenever you are at work or school. You’ll find yourself not feeling too hot or cold at weird times.

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