The Reason Why Only Lee Kwang Soo Won an Award During SBS Awards is Also Controversial


In the recent SBS Entertainment Awards 2016 that took place last Sunday, Lee Kwang Soo won the Top Excellence Award (Variety) due to his role in Running Man.

He, well, was the only winner related to Running Man this year.

Just for the record, last year, Yoo Jae Suk won two awards: the coveted Daesang Award (Grand Award) and Viewers’ Choice Popularity Award. Ji Suk Jin won the Show and Talk Show Excellence Award. Running Man in general won the Viewers’ Choice Best Variety Show.

And in 2014, Running Man and its cast won four awards.

With Running Man being such a popular show, it’s no surprise that it’s sweeping awards every year. However, this year, it’s different.

And it has nothing to do with it being not good enough.

According to various reports, the Running Man cast has requested not to be given any prizes during this year’s awards and they wanted to keep a low profile during this period. That, well, was the reason why they were only given one award.


And Lee Kwang Soo, being the only voice, had made sure he is heard loud and clear.

Here’s what he said. Do prepare a tissue box because it’s very “Un-Running Man”.

Thank you, God. Thank you so much. I am not sure how to give out my acceptance speech. Thank you very much and… (cries) I’m sorry.

I’ll like to thank all Running Man staff members who worked very hard to make this show possible. Also, thank you, Hwan Kin, Chul Min and Yong Woo PDs. Thank you to the writers and all other staff members for working so hard.

Suk Jin hyung who taught me variety and life. Jae Suk hyung who helped me become who I am. Jong Kook hyung who is my mental guidance. Haha hyung who is like a family member. And my Ji Huo nuna, Gary hyung, Joong Ki and Lizzy. I love you very much and I was very happy. I started at 26 and now that I’m 33, I was happy for seven years. Thank you for this great award and great love.

We will finish this program well.

And the camera panned to our Ace Song Ji Hyo shedding tears, who looked away immediately.

There’s just one thing that doesn’t make sense: why the need to keep a low profile? What’s wrong with cancelling a show? As of now, there hasn’t been any official statement from the members on what really went on when they agreed to cancel the show.

It’s still two months before we say goodbye to Running Man and this has happened. What’s going to happen at the end of February?

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