The Soup Spoon is Now Officially Halal-Certified in All Their Outlets

Image: The Soup Spoon

The other day, I had a ravenous, bordering murderous craving for soup.

The Soup Spoon, to be exact.

Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page

But I had just one gripe. I was hanging out with my friends, and one of them’s a devout Muslim. Like legitly devout.

“I’m not going. It’s not halal,” he said.

“But dude, you don’t have to get the pork dishes-”

“I said no.”

The end result? We didn’t have The Soup Spoon, but instead settled for a way cheaper, way less appealing alternative over at the local food court.

“I hope you’re happy,” I grumbled.

“You bet I am,” he grinned.

And then today, I chanced upon The Soup Spoon’s latest notification.

“You’re kidding me…” I muttered, eyes progressively enlarging. “I-I’ve got to get Syafiq!”

And as I dashed for the phone, my computer screen flashed the following notice:

Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page

The Soup Spoon is Now Officially Halal-Certified in All Their Outlets

If you’re a frantic lover of soups, you would surely have heard of The Soup Spoon, a chain so dedicated to the idea of soup that it went all out to make it a main dish (out of all things).

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Image: The Soup Spoon

But here’s the thing: while it’s undoubtedly delicious, The Soup Spoon wasn’t, in fact, halal.

Yeah, sucks if you’re Muslim.

But guess what? Just today, The Soup Spoon delivered some exhilarating news on its Facebook page.

Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page

Which means that you can have all the soup you want, at no additional moral charge!


Now, is that shiok or what?

And Netizens are stoked too

With such a big announcement on The Soup Spoon’s Facebook Page, you can bet that some soup-loving Netizens are surely gonna get hyped up.

And as you might’ve expected, that’s precisely what happened.

Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page
Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page

Though of course, there were quite a few miscellaneous requests as well.

Image: The Soup Spoon Facebook Page

The Soup Spoon

Founded in 2002 in Singapore, The Soup Spoon prides itself as a melting pot that serves wholesome soups from the heart. It has 23 outlets islandwide to date (including Union) and aims to lead in health trends by providing innovative soup-inspired meals for different occasions at the workplace, schools and homes.


Apart from soup staples, The Soup Spoon also dishes up sandwiches like Teriyaki Chicken, Smoked Salmon and Tomato Cheese Toastie Briowich.

There are also flatbread options, as well as cakes.


And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve always been craving for a taste of that soup spoon but were held back by its non-halal policy, guess what?

You’ve free rein now.

So head onto your nearest The Soup Spoon outlet, and prepare to, as my Aunt Nancy likes to put it:

“Feast like a King/Queen.”


  • The Soup Spoon Union
    • Raffles City #B1-61
    • Changi City Point #B1-24/25
    • White Sands #02-33
    • NTU NS3-01-14
    • Waterway Poing #B1-12
  • Raffles Xchange #B1-62
  • Paragon Shopping Centre #B1-K4/K7
  • Bugis Junction #B1-K24A
  • Tanjong Pagar Xchange #B1-31
  • ION Orchard #B4-67/68
  • Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-41/42/43
  • 112 Katong #B1-12/28
  • Alexandra Retail Centre #01-21
  • Asia Square #02-13
  • [email protected] Square #01-62
  • Tampines Mall #B1-K2
  • Plaza Singapura #03-21
  • Jem #02-05
  • Suntec City #02-308
  • Leisure Park Kallang #01-08
  • KidZania #01-01/02
  • Paya Lebar Square #01-11
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-104

And I’ll see you there, alongside my friend Syafiq. 😉

“Hey man, The Soup Spoon’s halal now! When are we going?”


“But why? It’s halal now!”

“I don’t like soup.”