Theme Park Ride Broke & Dropped to the Ground in Uzbekistan, Killing a 19YO Girl

Image: YouTube/ World of Buzz


Theme Parks are great for relieving stress and can turn any frown upside down. Unless you have a fear of rides.

Take Disneyland for example. Upon entering its premises, one is transported to a magical land far far away. For that very reason, it is popular among the young and young at heart.

Unfortunately, their rides are pretty mild for adults since they’re mainly for kids.

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To cater to adrenaline junkies, we have more thrilling rides at parks such as Universal Studios, Six Flags and Fuji-Q Highland to name a few.

However, these rides come with a catch – safety and technical issues.

19-year-old lost her life due to malfunctioning ride

According to Mirror, a 19-year old lady was killed when a 360-degree ride she was on broke in half mid-air before crashing to the ground.

The mishap which took place at Istiklol amusement park in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan last week also saw dozens of riders falling with the broken ride.

Numerous clips of the tragic incident have been uploaded online and have been in the headlines ever since.


As seen from the video, riders are rotating while the ride swings them 360 degree. Unfortunately, it appears that the metal arm – the only thing holding the ride together – couldn’t bear the weight and broke in two.

Image: YouTube/ World of Buzz
Image: YouTube/ World of Buzz
Image: YouTube/ World of Buzz

It was also reported that the local authorities only mentioned MH’s death without stating if there were injured riders.

Netizens globally are taken aback

Upon hearing of the incident, the internet community left comments and expressed their sorrow for the 19-year-old, later identified as her initials, MH.

Some shared their two cents on what possibly led to this undesirable outcome.

Image: YouTube

Many others stated that such incidents deterred them from staying away from rides of any sort.

Image: YouTube

Sad to say, accidents in theme parks are not entirely uncommon. A quick search online would bring up numerous cases reported across the globe.

There’s not much us park-goers can do since the responsibility lies heavily on the park operator and maintenance team.

However, on our end, it’s recommended to do a double and triple check ourselves to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the seat we’re on, and that the safety belt is securely fastened.

Better to be safe than sorry!

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