There’s a Clip-On Fan for Our LBV to Stay Cool During Outfield

“Your helmet got aircon is it!”

“No Sergeant! LBV!”

Image: Singapore Facebook

Yeah, you saw that right. That’s an aircon fan strapped right into the LBV, meant for usage with the LBV.

And you can buy it for S$16.00 on

I’m sure you have many questions, but let’s dive deeper into how the product works.

Draws cool air into clothing

Image: Singapore Facebook
Image: Singapore Facebook

How it works is simple: take colder air from the surrounding and blow into your LBV, which should be relatively hotter.

But it’s with a clip-on, so you can actually change direction and blow the air to your helmet.

Image: Singapore Facebook

So you can get aircon in your helmet, but powered by a device attached to your LBV.

Untested New Product

And while we would like to say our outfields are now much better and we have superior ground mobility with energy charged and hyperthermia-resistant troops, it seems like the new product is rather untested.

For one, the battery life, which is micro USB chargeable, is untested.

It’s not only the siam-ing of battery life queries, but there’s an obvious question when using this product: What if we need to lie down on it, like proning?

It doesn’t seem like it is too durable since the unfortunate reply from Black-Tactical is to use elbow support instead of citing the curved ergonomic design.

But of all the things, there is one thing they did test.

As primal creatures, it seems like men have to sometimes be reminded not to put their D into or near certain things.

Searching the dark webs for “don’t place your penis in that” came up with a surprising amount of listicles and support forums.

The web site does say that it can be attached to a belt. There is only one logical conclusion then.

I guess it wasn’t that terrifying.

And the last line on the product description is pretty interesting.

Unit purchases available, email in for bulk purchases & unit logo printing.


They weren’t just planning on selling it as a single unit to consumers, but actually wanted to sell them for bulk purchase.

They do actually also sell a Helmet with air-con

But surely, if they created an air-con for the LBV, they must have one for the helmet? Digging further into their store it actually seems like they DO.

Except it’s a standalone helmet and not an attachable air-con.

Image: Singapore

It’s supposed to be a helmet for Airsoft, which are toy-bordering-on-killing-machine guns made for competitive sport. And this is inclusive of 2 internal fans, with a lens frame that custom prescription lens can be inserted into.

Wait, does this mean that equipment made for games are actually better than the equipment we are receiving for real war now?

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