There’s a Fine-dining Restaurant in BKK That Just Serves Insects

How adventurous are you when it comes to food? Chances are you’ve already tried sashimi out, as well as raw oysters with a squeeze of lemon. Escargots? Checked.

But would you eat an insect? No? Well, what if it was served in a high-end restaurant?

There’s a catch to it, though. The restaurant would serve you JUST insects, and nothing else.

Yep – insect appetizer, main course and possibly dessert too.

There’s a place in Bangkok that’s getting viral for just that!

Image: BK Magazine

The Background Story

In Thailand, consuming insects is no biggie. In fact, it’s a staple diet. This is precisely why a top chef’s decided to take advantage of the crickety food selection and make it into a specific menu.

The name of the chef who’s making waves in the cuisine of insects? Thitiwat “Mai” Tantragarn from the capital city of Thailand.

He’s not a new guy who’s just trying to get something up; Mai’s a pioneer in fine-dining restaurants there, with the likes of D’Sens and Medici under his belt.

Image: Facebook (Insects in the Backyard)

Mai’s bizarre new restaurant is aptly called “Insects in the Backyard”. The food joint is located in the ChangChui creative mall. Mai’s vision is to remove the stigma and awkwardness that comes with well, eating bugs!


He says he’s not making scary food, he’s just making this particular cuisine more accessible to people.

The Dishes You’ll Find There

Imagine hor, you’re having a tiramisu. No undue thing in that, right? Apart from coffee and some infused biscotti.

But picture a scene of silkworms that have been dusted with cocoa powder and used as a decorative yet edible garnish for your dessert.

You might think that it’s just the decorative element that’s being used in the tiramisu, BUT in actual fact, the mascarpone cream that is also the basis of any tiramisu’s been incorporated with a powdered form of the pupae.

As you dig in, you might find just the littlest bit of bitterness against the espresso’s.

Then there’s yet another kick-ass dish. A main of ravioli that sounds like any other harmless Italian dish, except for the fact that each pocket’s been packed with the flesh of water beetles, herbs from Provencal and yep, more silky smooth mascarpone.

Image: BK Magazine

Not the First Insect Concept Meal

Other world-class chefs have actually included creepy crawlies into their dishes, from the likes of Alex Atala in Brazil to Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen.

In all fairness, it is economical to eat insects. According to Mai, there won’t be sufficient protein sources in another century or so to feed the masses, so why not learn to improvise now itself?

The restaurant also campaigns on being environmental friendly. You’d be able to shop after you’re done eating here for repurposed furnishings, or shop for supplies to help you plant some green around the world.

Well, thinking about it right now, would you go to the extreme of saving the world by switching from meat to bugs in your meal?

Here, if you’re interested in having insects for your fine-dining experience in Bangkok:

460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Khwaeng Bang Phlat, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700

Opening Hours:
Daily 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Closed on Wednesday