There’s a Human Hotpot That People Can Soak Into with Skewered Food


It’s the CNY period, and what does this mean?

Because you’re a Chinese, you’ve having hotpot almost every other day, and you’re loving it despite the hot weather.

After all, it’s the only time that you can lie to tell yourself that diet can wait after CNY. And also, hotpot is healthy since the food isn’t fried, right?

If you’re a massive fan of hotpots, then this would certainly intrigue you.

For a hotel in China has finally done the unthinkable: they’ve a human hotpot.

And it’s real.

Human Hotpot in China’s Zhejiang province

A look at Hangzhou’s First World Hotel from the outside looks innocuous enough: it’s one of those beautiful hotels that’ll make tourists feel so at home, they’d forget about exploring the city.


But it’s also home to the Yunman Hot Spring.

Well, nothing interesting since the area is filled with an abundance of mountain-fed hot springs.

But go to one of the springs and you’ll be delighted (or horrified, if you think about it) to see this:


No, this isn’t a creative advertisement for Hai Di Lao, but a legit, real hot spring.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the hot spring isn’t permanent as it’s merely a themed spring catered for this year’s Chinese New Year.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Interesting enough, the hotel claims it aims to promote a healthy lifestyle during the Spring Festival (over in China, they call Chinese New Year the Spring Festival that can last for a whopping 15 days).

And just for your info, those food you see in the spring can be eaten—though I’m not sure if you’d like to try them.


After all, I’m sure you know a friend or two who tend to…let go when they’re in a pool.

And seeing that each compartment is shared with another fellow, and the possibility of a compartment being soaked by another person prior to that, your food might taste a tad more savoury than expected.

There’s no mention of the price of when this promotion would end, but here’s one advice from the good people at Baddy Feed: sometimes, you just need to know about something. You don’t need to experience it.

Unless, that is, you’re that friend who loves peeing in the pool lah.

Here, take a look at this video and see how people those people are:

You’re welcome.