There’s A New Japanese Cafe Specialising In Egg Dishes In nex With Prices From $15

How do you like your eggs in the morning?


Fried? Poached? Maybe even raw?

If you’re someone who can’t live without some fresh eggy goodness in the mornings, then you’d be very egg-xcited for this news.

Not only in the mornings now – you can have eggs all day, every day.

Everything Eggs

Egg lovers, your dream has come true.

New Japanese cafe Tamago-EN just opened in NEX, and they do take their name seriously – they’ve got a wide variety of dishes made out of eggs. From poached eggs to traditional Japanese tamago eggs, you name it, they have it.

The best part? It’s pretty affordable, with prices of the dishes ranging from $10 – $17. They’re all made with eggs and garnished with other toppings such as mentaiko, depending on which variation you order. In other words, it’s a Japanese egg heaven.

You can go for smaller appetisers such as the 5-kind Japanese Omelette Skewer at $8.80, which has a different topping on every skewer, such as fish eggs and crabmeat.

Or this glorious fried Hashimaki with Cheese and Mentaiko at $4.80 per piece, which is basically Japanese savoury pancake okonomiyaki on a stick, a popular Japanese festival food. Tamago-EN’s version includes a large fried egg perched on top of the snack.

Full Meals, Too

If you’re feeling a little hungrier, they also offer egg-filled donburi rice bowls and omelette rice dishes as well.

Look at this heaping mountain of egg and rice in the Beef Stew Rice with Omelette at $16.80!

If you prefer cream-based foods and are a mentaiko lover, they also have a Mentaiko Salmon Cream Rice with Omelette at $15.80.

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Ultimate Fluffy Eggs

Of course, the best must be saved for the last.

Tamago-EN’s speciality dish, the Ultimate Egg Rice, has captured the hearts of many customers. A spin on the traditional Japanese breakfast dish of Tamago Kake Gohan, consisting of raw egg, rice, and soy sauce, the name already explains it all – the egg is the highlight of the whole dish.

Now this is what dreams are really made of – a vibrantly yellow egg yolk sits in the middle of a bed of egg white that resembles a soft, fluffy cloud.

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Tamago-EN only uses the freshest eggs imported from Okinawa. Delight in the golden orange yolk unique to Japanese eggs and revel in the fuwa fuwa (fluffy) texture of our egg dishes in a truly eggstravanza menu that comprises of All-day Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Donburis, Omu Rice and Desserts! All our eggs go through a process of UV senitisation for the highest food safety standards, and are SO FRESH they can be eaten raw! Taste the freshness now at Nex Serangoon, #02-K5/K6 ! · · · #tamago #tamagoen #tamagoensg #egg #eggs #japaneseeggs #japaneseegg #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #japaneserestaurant #japfood #fresh #foodsg #sgfood #foodporn #sgfoodporn #sgfoodies #foodgasm #foodstagram #nex #pancake

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I’d kill for this.

For $5.80, what you’ll get is raw egg, rice, and other condiments, but you can choose to add on marinated salmon, teriyaki chicken, minced raw tuna and other ingredients to further complement the humble rice dish at an extra cost.

Image: Tamago-EN

Here’s one with added salmon and a jiggly egg.

Yes please.


Sweet, Not Just Savoury

Besides savoury food, like eggs usually complement, Tamago-EN also sells a variety of desserts and egg-related drinks.

Since eggs are also an important ingredient in making fluffy souffle pancakes, that’s also exactly what Tamago-EN’s serving up.


Here’s the Caramel Peach Soufflé Pancake at $12.80:

There are also other desserts like the Berry Homemade Egg Pudding with Caramel Sauce at $6.80 and the Homemade Rich Chocolate Terrine at $7.80.

Of course, nothing’s ever complete without bubble tea – you can get a Japanese Brown Cane Sugar Pearl Milk Tea for $5.80.

Image: Tamago-EN

Well, time to get me some of this egg-cellence.


NEX, 23 Serangoon Central #02-K05/06, Singapore 556083

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