There’s A New Pocket WiFi For Overseas Travel That’s Disrupting The Entire Market

Overseas pocket WiFi is something that’s essential for travelling overseas nowadays because we just can’t stand being disconnected anymore.

Instead of taking photos and keeping them until you can upload them at night in your hotel room, you’d want to do it on the go, just as you’d do it in Singapore.

Plus, data’s a far cheaper way to keep in contact with others should you get lost instead of auto-roaming.

Can you imagine coming back from your holiday happily, only to be totally destroyed when you see your roaming bill at the end of the month?

ReadyWIFI, Your Overseas Pocket WiFi To Go For


With extensive coverage and over 10-hours of use time before it dies on you, here’s what made this overseas pocket WiFi stand out to us:

Free Return and Delivery Option

What’s one thing that stops you from getting an overseas WiFi? The fact that it can be quite troublesome just to get the device.

Most times, you’re required to travel to a certain location, or maybe even the airport itself, to collect the device. Either it means another trip to a location far from your house, or you run the risk of forgetting to collect your device on the day of departure.

I mean, how many times have we almost been late to a flight anyways. Yup, Murphy’s law, guys.

Yes, you can get it delivered, but that typically includes a delivery charge.

With ReadyWIFI, that’s a whole different ball game.

Delivery and return are free. Yes, free.

No matter where you stay, they’ll get the device to you for free. And because they understand that you’re liable for penalties if your device is lost, they won’t just leave it in unsecured places should you not be home.

The delivery team will call and schedule delivery at your own convenience. And should you forget to return the device before returning home? Nobody’s at 100% after a long flight, trust me on this.

Just call and ask them to collect from you, either from your home or office.

Bam, done.

ReadyWiFi Has Coverage In Over 130 Countries

Just to illustrate how extensive their coverage is, there are 195 countries in the world today. Even if you’re interested in going to countries like Kazakhstan, Guam, Nepal or Saipan, they have coverage available there too.

So even before you leave the country, you’d have found coverage for the place you’re travelling to.

No more having to deal with the language barrier while trying to look for overseas coverage in a foreign country.

But that’s not the best part. Oh no, there’s more.

They’re Selling Multi-City Access instead of Single-Destinations

Now, what’s this you may ask?

Let’s say you’re travelling to Japan.

Typically, you’re buying an overseas pocket WiFi for coverage in Japan itself. Say, what if you have to transit in Hong Kong before flying to Japan?

You’re left staring blankly into the air while waiting for your next flight.

Not with ReadyWIFI though.

Take a look at their packages.

If you’ve signed up for the North East Asia package at $5 per day, you’re able to use the WiFi even when you’re in Hong Kong for transit.

Or, let’s say, you’re not just travelling to a single country. I mean, that’s what young people love doing nowadays.

Go to Europe, then travel around the continent for a couple of weeks.

Instead of getting various destinations (and adding up the cost), you can choose to go with ReadyWIFI and get it all at one price.

And Most Importantly, It’s Super Affordable

When it comes to travelling, we want to save as much as possible on these so that we’ll have more to eat and spend during our holidays, no?

$5 for a travel party of 5, this it’s $1 each

To put it into perspective, that’s $1 each for unlimited* data coverage across countries. That’s not just affordable, but a steal. Or like what Goody Feed people like to say, a worthy Don’t Say Bojio deal.

And here’s the fun part.

They have regular promos on their ReadyWIFI plans.

And when I say promo, I’m talking about something like this.

From now until 31 Aug, ReadyWIFI is giving 30% OFF their overseas WIFI rates for Northeast Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America.

Simply apply the promo code ‘AUGRW30P’ when you checkout to enjoy the rates.

Not travelling to these countries? It’s okay because everything else is going for 10% OFF.

The countries include:

Unlimited data coverage from just $3.50 a day over multiple countries? Shut up and take my money!

So there you go. Better convenience, cheaper prices and unlimited data coverage in multiple countries? No wonder this new WiFi service is disrupting the market, no?

Interested in finding out more? Download the Ready To Travel mobile app or visit their website for their latest promotions and updates.

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