There’s a Parody Video of BBC Dad & It’s Even Funnier & More ‘Offensive’


Let’s face it: we can’t get enough of the BBC Dad. You’ve either watched it once, or you’ve watched it more than once.

But in case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s the video again.

Done with your laugh, shares and that repeated “oh, so cute”? Now, one week later, people are still talking about it, and some have started to do parodies of this video, because why not?

Here’s one that has taken over the Internet, with it being #1 on Trending in YouTube

Done by Jono and Ben, a New Zealand satirical news and entertainment TV show, it replaces the dad with a mum and shows what could have happened when the role is reversed.


If, for some reason you refuse to watch it (like, you know, you’re in the midst of a serious meeting), here’s the context: the mum continued the interview while attending to her daughter. And there’re more she needs to do: feeds the kid, cooks, cleans a toilet bowl, helps her husband and even defuses a bomb. Of course, she does all these while keeping a straight face and answering the interviewer’s questions like a boss.

It’s so hilarious, 99.999% of the people in the world who watch it will laugh out loud, and of course, there’s still the 0.001% self-professed super righteous online attorneys general who’ll think that it’s conveying a wrong message, and that it, just like any of the millions of online clips on the Internet, has offended them.

The parody, published just two days ago and having garnered over 5 million views in that timeframe, has an amazing 22,174 thumbs down and 29,778 thumbs up. That means almost 42% of viewers “disliked” it.

I’m pretty certain it’s because no one—absolutely no one—can replace Prof Robert Kelley. Either that, or my prediction that there’re only 0.001% of people who get offended over anything and everything is wrong.

I seriously hope it’s the latter.

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Featured Image: YouTube (Jono and Ben)

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