There’s Allegedly a McDonald’s Membership Card That You’ll Love to Have But Cannot Have


I‘ve a dream: that one day I will be able to walk into McDonald’s and get whatever I want for absolutely free.

In case you’re going to say what I think you’re going to say, I would appreciate living my life after that without the cops after my ass, thank you very much.

Yet it has always seemed like an uphill task. On what grounds would McDonald’s ever gift me a free McSpicy? Who am I to even consider such a thing?

Just as I was about to commit the worst taboo in life – giving up on my dream – I happened upon this.


A McDonald’s icon…?


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The McGold card

According to Insider, the McGold card entitles owners to free McDonald’s anytime.


But there’s a catch: card owners are normally celebrities or people with connections to big-time franchisees.

And cards have a time limit too. Although there are rare instances in which the card is for life.

McGold owners, past and present

According to CNBC, Warren Buffet had a gold card that permitted him to order any McDonald’s fare at any time in Omaha.

Bill Gates reportedly also had one, but his differed slightly in the sense that it was good throughout the world.

Comedian Rob Lowe apparently got a gold card from a friend whose father, David Peterson, created the Egg McMuffin.

The power of McGod

Peterson’s son, according to Insider, actually has the power to grant gold cards to anyone he wants.

He routinely gifts them to friends, celebrities and everyday people who have performed heroic deeds. One of these everyday people happens to be Charles Ramsey, the man who sacrificed his Big Mac to save three kidnapped women in 2013.

The “little pink card”

While the gold cards mostly have a time limit, spanning six months to one year, there are cards that entitle the user to free McDonald’s food for life.

However, it seems to be extremely rare, with one of the only few known accounts being Mitt Romney’s father’s “little pink card” that apparently granted free McDonald’s. It was believed to be presented by the owner, Ray Croc, himself too.

Be right back

Guess who’s heading overseas to find Peterson’s son?

I always knew he would amount to something big.


Anyone got a winning lottery ticket can lend me?

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