There’s an Alarm Clock That Runs Away Beeping Which Confirm-Plus-Chop Wakes You Up


Last Updated on 2022-10-15 , 11:06 am

If there’s one thing we all share in common, it’s the ultra real struggle to wake up when our alarm rings.

You know the cycle – the alarm rings, you snooze a thousand times and we end up with seconds to get out of the house after you’ve time travelled an hour into the future just by closing your eyes.

If that’s familiar, then this would be for you.

Ultimate (in?)genius solution

The good news is, you can always count on the innovative humans of this century to solve any first-world problem you might have.

Meet Clocky – a damn alarm clock that actually runs away beeping to make sure you get out of your bed and turn it off.

And when I say “run away”, I literally meant run away.

With a pair of cute eyes and wheels and everything.

It is what it looks like: this clock is able to jump up to 3 feet (about one metre) off your nightstand and run around your room emitting a loud, R2D2-like robotic sound (according to its official website here).


There is, however, an option for you to choose to snooze once or disable the snooze, and to turn off the wheels/roll away feature, but where’s the fun (and function) in that?

In essence, keep the default settings on and Clocky is more determined to wake you up than your maid or your mother.

Clocky comes in 7 colours including Black, White and Pink so at the very least you wake up grumpy to a pretty alarm clock. Now, for everyone who’s intrigued or even a little tempted to purchase a Clocky (why??), it will cost you USD 39.99 for the regular colours and USD 45.99 for the Chrome and Gold.

Shipping itself to Singapore adds another USD 20 (again, why??).

In other word, it’ll cost you about SGD$82 for you to have one of these alarm clocks in your house.

You do get a slight discount with the code TENOFFTWO if you get two or more Clocky-s but shipping increases by USD 5 with every extra Clocky you add to the cart

Wallet: Ouch.

Boss: Goody.

So do you really need it?

We must admit it does have some real merit. I mean… the most difficult part about waking up (for most of us at least) is getting yourself out of bed so Clocky tackles that problem by forcing you out of bed to turn it off.

If you’re someone who has a serious problem getting out of bed every morning and is perpetually late for work…buy lor. If it does the job, it’s worth the price, right?


At the end of the day, if this ultra expensive alarm clock that runs around screaming robotic noises at the top of its robotic lungs every morning doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.