There’s an iPhone 7 Scammer Who Managed to Con $10,000 from Kanchiong Spiders


Want to get your hands on the new iPhone 7? Better make sure to get it from an authorised dealer.

About a dozen people who paid deposits for brand new iPhone 7 sets have been left empty handed. One of which, who is an event planning manager, saw a listing for a jet black iPhone 7 plus on Carousell for $1480 on Monday (September 12).


The seller on Carousell claims to know an employee working in a telco, therefore he was able to get his hands on the newly launched iPhone 7. He even asked for a deposit of $200 from the victim to secure the set.

They arranged to meet at Bugis Junction on Friday at 3 pm, but the seller was uncontactable from Friday morning onwards.

The victim then lodged a police report on Friday evening. He also found other victims who have left the seller messages online.

15 people suspected that they have been cheated by the seller and deposits of $200-$1000 were placed for the iPhones.


If you are planning on getting the new iPhone 7 or 7 plus, please be patient and wait for new stocks from local teleco companies or simply just go on Carousell to purchase the magnificent iPhone sold by untrusted sellers aka iPhone 7 scammer featured in this post.

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