There’s a ‘Best English Speakers in Asian Countries’ List. Guess S’pore’s Position?

Last Updated on 2022-07-28 , 6:23 pm

Singapore is pretty well-known for being a bilingual country.

With English as our first language, we put emphasis and importance into English as our speaking language.

But…are we the best English speakers in Asia?

“Best English Speakers in Asian Countries”

According to the English Proficiency Index score, Singapore is ranked #1 as the country with the best English speakers.

What’s interesting is that our neighbour, Malaysia, is ranked #3, while the runner up is the Philippines.

Globally, Singapore is ranked 4th.

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China is ranked #7 in Asia, which is higher than Thailand at #22.

Here’s the full list for Asia:

  1. Singapore (4th globally)
  2. The Philippines (18th globally)
  3. Malaysia (28th globally)
  4. Hong Kong (32nd globally)
  5. South Korea (37th globally)
  6. India (48th globally)
  7. China (49th globally)
  8. Macau (57th globally)
  9. Nepal (62nd globally)
  10. Pakistan (63rd globally)
  11. Bangladesh (65th globally)
  12. Vietnam (66th globally)
  13. Japan (78th globally)
  14. Indonesia (80th globally)
  15. Sri Lanka (82nd globally)
  16. Mongolia (83rd globally)
  17. Afghanistan (87th globally)
  18. Uzbekistan (88th globally)
  19. Myanmar (93rd globally)
  20. Kazakhstan (96th globally)
  21. Cambodia ((97th globally)
  22. Thailand (100th globally)
  23. Kyrgyzstan (101st globally)
  24. Tajikistan (103rd globally)

There are two types of Singapore English: Standard Singapore English and Singapore Colloquial English (Singlish), and yes, Singlish has its own grammar, too.

Watch this to the end to know more about Singlish:

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