There’s a Frog Mobile Game That’s Going Viral. Here’s What You Should Know

If you’ve been checking your app store lately, you might have noticed this quaint, quiet little game standing tall on your Free Apps list:

Image: App Store

And if you’ve been wondering what it is, the game’s called Travel Frog, and it’s pretty much dominating the mobile gaming industry right now with approximately 20 million downloads at the Apple Store to date.

Incidentally, the Chinese contributed to a whopping 96 per cent of all downloads.


What’s the game about?

As you might have suspected from the title, the game involves a frog, and its many travels around the world.

Players prep their frogs for travel by purchasing food and camping supplies…

The frog’s lodgings. Image: App Store
Purchasing food supplies. Image: App Store
Inventory. Image: App Store

And in return, the creature will come back with travel photos featuring authentic natural scenery and tourism hot spots in Japan, as well as local specialties.

Image: App Store

So far, the virtual frog has travelled to Kusatsu Onsen (one of Japan’s three most well-known hot spring resorts), and Zenkoji Temple (which is the country’s third biggest wooden structure dating back to 1,400 ago).

Other highlights include the natural monument, Oirase Mountain Stream; a top 50 lighthouse at Japan, at Kagoshima; and Amanohashidate, which possesses what’s arguably one of the best natural views in Kyoto.

On it’s way! Image: App Store

The game now offers photos featuring 10 places in Japan, and has plans to include more sites across the country soon, according to game developer Hit-Point.

Why all the hype?

According to Straits Times, the idea of “travel on a whim”, a travel philosophy showcased by the frog, appeals to the younger generation people, especially those between the ages of 10-30. Having been buried in studies and work, the game was a way to act out that travelling desire without having to leave their desks, Japanese media reported.

The Japan craze is back on

Apparently, China’s biggest online travel agency, Ctrip, has reported a 150 per cent growth in the number of searches for Japan on its website since the emergence of the online game craze.

Individual travel bookings through Ctrip to Nagoya have “more than doubled” month-on-month. Bookings to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe also increased by 80 per cent, while those to Kagoshima and Fukoka grew by 50 per cent.

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Additionally, Osaka was revealed to be the most popular “frog” destination among Chinese travellers, followed by Tokyo, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Aomori, Kumamoto, Kobe and Kansai.

Interesting concept

I gotta admit; it’s certainly an interesting concept, and I’m more than tempted to try it out. The fact that the game reminds me of an old favourite of mine, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, doesn’t exactly help to dissuade either!

Well, guess I’m trying it out later! To Japan (virtually, via a frog)!

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