There’s Going to be a New ‘Violent’ Pokemon Game for Mobile

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Pokemon Rumble, the beat ’em up game is coming to mobile. For the non-gamers out there, it’s a game where you…beat…them…people…up…

Ok, that’s not a very good explanation.

In beat ’em ups you go around pretending to be Ip Man going WO YAO DA SHI GE (I wanna fight ten punching bags).

Except instead of 10 you have hundreds, and you move from places to places instead of staying in an arena.

The game, called Pokemon Rumble Rush, is out only in Australia and not the rest of the world because it’s already tomorrow in Australia.


It was called Pokéland

On 31 May 2017, an app called Pokeland was announced, and then an Alpha test was conducted for the Japanese on 16 October 2017.

Image: Pokeland

And then it died. Disappeared.

Nothing. No news. No nothing.

Until today.

You go around Islands beating and capturing Pokemon

If there is any skill I learnt from the army, it is that at work, for things to go smoothly without trouble, you must know just enough to not get into trouble and know not too much so you don’t get extra work.

So let’s just say that I don’t know how to change the location of my phone to Australia, so I have to resort to other experts instead.

Image: Kotaku

You start off being a Rattata going around exploring different islands and Ipmanning other Pokemon with Quick Attack. At the end each stage you fight a boss, who can reward you coins and rarely Ores.

Ores give you upgrades to increase Pokemon stats or combat power (CP). There are also summon stones that when equipped, will periodically summon a friendly Pokemon.

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Seems like Pokemon from all 7 generations will appear

Because it ain’t without a Pokemon game without catching them all, after fighting Pokemon can also join you. So what Pokemon can we catch? The official word is “hundreds of different species of Pokémon” and “possibly including Legendary and Mythical Pokémon!”.

From the official art, it looks like we can expect Pokemon from all 7 generations.

Image: Pokemon Rumble Rush

Simple, Almost Too Simple

To play the game is actually very simple. You just tap on the screen, and you tap, and you tap.

Image: Kotaku

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If you think that doesn’t sound very appealing, you might be right. Pokemon Rumble on Wii was a very simple game already, and the mobile version has made it even simpler.

Just snooping around YouTube, it seems like people who liked the Wii version wouldn’t like the too simple gameplay as much. Most of the comments I find are people who didn’t actually play since the game isn’t out yet. So maybe that isn’t the most accurate evaluation.


And because money is the best superpower, Pokemon Rumble Rush has the typical mobile game cash grab syndrome, which is that it offers a pay-2-win solution by allowing you to buy in-game currency with real-life cash.

Image: Kotaku

But Otherwise, It’s Free

The best way to judge is to try it out yourself when it comes out because the game is still free. Sure, it’s not an exact replica of the Wii version, but that’s pretty much expected for a mobile game.

At least it’s not Pokemon Go, and we actually get to battle.

The game is expected to be released worldwide, though we don’t know when.