There’s an IG Account That Just Shows Videos of Ingrown Hair Being Plucked

The internet was once obsessed with pimple-popping videos, personally, I find them vile.

All that pus bursting out, Jesus Christ!

However, the internet has moved on from zits to ingrown hair.

Yes, ingrown hair.

First of all, if you have no clue what an ingrown hair is; then you must lead a very peaceful life or you have never shaved before.

Ingrown hair occurs when the hair grows back into the skin, especially if you have curly hair.

It can be a tedious process to remove ingrown hair—you either hate it or love it.

I belong to the latter. It gives me the utmost pleasure when I pluck that son of a ***** out.

You know what is more satisfying than removing an ingrown hair?

Seeing other people getting their hair ingrown hair removed.

There is an account on Instagram that is solely dedicated to videos of ingrown hair removal and it is pure magic.


According to Mothership, the account, Tweezist, belongs to a 35-year old Korean woman and it features countless videos (249 posts as of writing time) of the removal of her ingrown leg hair.

Her obsession started when she broke her leg at nine.

When she removed the cast, she was welcomed by a full bush which led her to shave it all off.

Unfortunately, she did not do it skillfully and voilah—ingrown hair!

The rest was history…

Her feed is well received by other users and she has 156000 followers.


And she even has a website where she sells tweezers (a smart business venture) and other hair-removal contraptions.


A word of caution: the videos can be graphic as she used a USB microscope, so you can see every hair follicle being removed.

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