There’s a Mandarin Orange Muffin in McCafe Coz #CNY

You know CNY is just around the corner when prices of vegetables and seafood skyrocket and you start seeing orange everywhere.

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Not this orange! This.

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From supermarkets to your office pantry, the citrus fruit is taking centre stage once again.

Mandarin oranges are believed to bring wealth and good luck and everyone needs their daily dose of vitamin C, am I right?

That’s because, in Chinese, the word for orange sounds similar to the Chinese term for gold.

Similarly, the Chinese interpretation of the word tangerine sounds like the Chinese word for luck.

Orange Muffin


For those who love all-things orange or want more luck, then you will be pleased to know that McCafe, McDonald’s hipster sister, has rolled out a Mandarin Orange Muffin.

In a vibrant orange colour (duh!), this sweet treat is said to be light and moist, like how all muffins should be.

Lemon cake

What do you do if life gives you lemons? Give it to McCafe!

If muffin isn’t your thing, you can dig into their Lemon Drizzle Cake which is topped with cream and a slice of sugary lemon.


But if you want to truly enjoy the aforementioned baked goods, you might as well dig into their Prosperity Burger, and don’t forget about the curly fries!


Happy huat-ing guys!

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