There’s Now a Louis Vuitton Wireless Earpiece Being Sold in S’pore at $1,580

There’ve been numerous stories about the enigmatic Wise Old Man.

Some spoke of his wisdom. Some spoke of his charisma. And some spoke of his perverseness, which apparently rivals that of Johnny Sins.

Image: Tenor

But there’s one story that stands out even amongst the rest, one that shines like a near beacon of testimony, especially in light of this most recent topic.

Apparently, legends tell of one previous occasion when the Wise Old Man, with his back facing the raging ocean, once spread his arms wide and proclaimed:

“Times have changed. Gone are the days when mankind appreciated things solely for their functionality.”

“It’s all about the brand nowadays.”

Victoria’s Secret.

We Bare Bears.

Something hub.

“It’s all about brands,” he said, caressing his beard as he watched the latest episode of Fake Taxi. “What a waste. What a waste…” 

And it’s true

Hate him or love him, the Wise Old Man has a point.

Brands have taken over the world.

Average-priced stuff that functions just the same as their gloriously padded-up counterparts? Lame. Nice, simple tees and Hugo Boss tees? Obviously the latter.

While I hate to admit it, it seems that the world has indeed cultivated a thirst for brands, and it’s an appetite that won’t be so easily satiated.

Though judging by Luis Vuitton’s latest move, it might be a notion they’re more than ready to exploit.

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Luis Vuitton

Lest you’re unaware, Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton (or shortened to LV) is a French fashion house and luxury retail company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton.

Image: Go Media

But like all great entrepreneurs, it knows not to keep to its line of comfort…

But to branch out to other sectors that might potentially make a killing.

And so, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you…

Luis Vuitton’s all-new Horizon series of earphones.

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On 9 Feb, Luis Vuitton dropped the bombshell on its Instagram page, rendering the world ear struck and Netizens love-struck.

Image: louisvuitton Instagram

But perhaps their delight is a tad bit understandable, considering how the earpieces do resemble legit beauties.

Indeed, had the price not come in between us, I’m pretty sure I would’ve gotten one. But considering how I have to incur S$1,580 with just a single wireless earphone…

Erm… okay.


Though it has to be mentioned that Luis Vuitton has not wasted any time when it comes to the age-old marketing gimmick:


Popular Chinese singer G.E.M., for one, has already posted a picture of herself donning the luxurious gadget.

And there’s even an unboxing video courtesy of Instagrammer geo_vincent.


Which means yes, consider the news spread. Well and good.

So what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve $1,580 too much and wish to burn it off, Luis Vuitton’s sparkling new earphones might be worth a shot.

Do take note, however, that not all earphone designs are available at every store in Singapore, so you might have to call in and check first.

And for those wondering about the familiarity of the design, here’s something interesting to know: apparently, it’s because the entire set-up is a collaboration between high-end earphone brand Master & Dynamic, which first came out in 2018. The original Master & Dynamic earphones had initially cost US$299 (S$405).


Just clearing up the air, you know, in case you’re under the impression that LV’s design coincides with the one you drafted up 10 years ago.


Image: Gfycat

The rich men’s world is definitely a lot different than our world.



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