There’s a Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event if You’ve No Date on 14 Feb


Don’t have a date this 14 Feb? No worries. While Valentines’ day is approaching, Pokemon GO has decided to approach their users as well.

So even if you don’t have a date, Pokemon GO will give you a reason to get out of your house, instead of curling under your blankets with a tub of ice cream. Yes, I’m talking about myself you. 

Valentine’s Day Event


Pokemon GO is also celebrating Valentines’ Day, and Niantic is celebrating with partnership and pink. The news was announced by the company this morning, in hopes to create some excitement for its users. The event offers some pretty cool things that might just make your V-day a tad interesting. 

You can double the amount of candy you get for all actions, from buddy walking to hatching and transferring. A pretty good bonus, enough to ease the way to that Dragonite. You can also expect to see increasing spwans for “pink” pokemon such as Chansey and the hard-to-find Porygon. 

Lures will also last a whopping six hours instead of their usual 1/2. This is arguably some of this game’s greatest strengths, given that lures are the only social mechanic currently built into the game itself. Any trainer can use a lure, which increases the likelihood of players meeting up in the real world. Ooh, you might have a chance. 

While previous events have done Pokémon GO the favour of sending the once dominant app back to the top of the charts, it will be interesting to see what happens here. While increasing lures gives people a reason to go for it, on the other hand, the userbase is badly depleted from those early days. Will they be able to get enough people playing to get it back to a top spot again?  

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