Everything About There’s Someone Inside Your House, the Next Netflix Horror Show After Squid Game


One thing’s for sure when it comes to the aftermath of watching the wildly popular Korean Netflix series Squid Game – it’s extremely difficult to get over.

And that’s what everyone feels, too, for days and weeks after finishing the series, everyone’s still buzzing about it online, the sometimes disturbing scenes still vivid in your head.

We even jumped on the bandwagon and did a video on some interesting facts about the show:

If you’re still suffering from Squid Game withdrawal because rewatching the series over and over again just won’t cut it…

You may want to experience the same thrill with other shows on the streaming platform.

Well, a new horror / thriller film has just dropped on Netflix, and if you like this particular genre of movies, it just may be the next big thing for you.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


There who?

There’s Someone Inside Your House.

An adaptation of a 2017 novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins, There’s Someone Inside Your House isn’t like what the title suggests of typical horror film where ghosts in haunted houses aim to kill the family living in it.

Instead, it’s a teenage slasher film, where a serial killer goes around stabbing victims – all of them who have something in common, with incriminating secrets to hide.

Yep, unlike Squid Game, this one’s a 96-minute movie that you can easily finish in one sitting as compared to watching a nine-episode series.

It’s also produced by the people behind the production of the classic Stranger Things series and the director of Saw and The Conjuring – Shawn Levy and James Wan.

Here’s the official synopsis of the film:


After moving to live with her grandmother in Hawaii, a teenager must confront her past after fellow students at her school are murdered.

Makani, played by Sydney Park, is the heroine of the film, who just moved into town and also has secrets that she wants to keep hidden lest she’s the next one to get murdered.

Joining her are her fellow group of outcasts – Darby, Zach, Alex and Rodrigo – set against a high school backdrop.

Themes Of Cancel Culture

Secrets that the victims hide aren’t those as simple as having taken the last piece of cake in the fridge and denying it when your siblings yell bloody murder, or farting in public.

Nope, the secrets they are hiding are ones that can get them, as people say nowadays, cancelled to the point of no return.


Since the killer only goes for students who have secrets to keep, their secrets also come to light after they’re murdered – leaving people conflicted as to whether they should hate on someone who’s already dead.

Victims include the football jock who brutally bullied his gay teammate, and a Christian girl who hosts a racist white supremacist podcast, who get murdered by the killer.

One can only imagine the gravity of Makani’s “secret” that she worries about so much – for it might be enough to get her killed as well.

The killer might just be living in 3000 too – they even use 3D printing to wear masks of the same face that belongs to their victims, so it feels like you’re watching yourself kill you.

So if teenage murder mysteries with an even darker twist are right up your alley, this might just be the next show you should add to your watchlist before everyone else catches up.

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