These Descendants of the Sun face swaps with Running Man crew are so hilarious, you’ll cry laughing


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

Here’s the thing: it’s pretty hard to separate Descendants of the Sun with Running Man. Firstly, Song Joong-ki was once a Running Man member and had even visited a Running Man episode immediately after he was discharged from the army. Secondly, both shows are insanely popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Thirdly, Lee Kwang-soo cameoed in Descendants of the Sun (which, obviously, must be Song Joong-ki’s idea lah and Lee Kwang-soo’s popularity).

So it’s not a surprise when people started to do face swaps on Descendants of the Sun characters with the hilarious Running Man members.

And the results? Brilliant.






You can see all the images here. Just a piece of advice: it’s NSFW, because you’ll be laughing too loudly.

又來了????Cr easy_大叔

Posted by 사랑런닝맨 愛Running Man on Saturday, March 26, 2016

*All images from Facebook (사랑런닝맨 愛Running Man)

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