Think it’s Hot Here in S’pore? Australia is Preparing for 50 °C Days


These days, the weather has been a pretty annoying thing. Some days, it’s so SO hot. On other days, it just pours from morning until you go home at 10pm – so much so that it literally flooded an MRT tunnel.

And then, sometimes it just decides to be cincai and mix hot and rainy days IN A DAY.

You wish you were somewhere else experiencing a more stable weather. I mean, the hot is like cannot tahan beh.

You just wanna lock yourself in your office and not step out. Well, unless you wanna eat something lor. Cannot die just because you don’t want to go and buy food and get sunburnt, right?

Well, you better count your blessings. Australia is predicted to get some of the worst heat days as it gets hit by the effects of climate change.

And just to let you know, we’re not talking 38 degrees Celsius kinda hot – it’s more like 50 degrees C (enough to boil an egg, right?)!

No, we are not pulling your leg. Serious lei. HERE here, read on for the facts.

Image: World Weather Attribution

Study Says That Australia’s Cities Can Get Hit By 50 Degrees in 25 Years Tops

To be precise, a new study spoke about how Melbourne and Sydney in particular would be affected. This is even if the country abides to the targets proposed by the Paris Agreement for global warming.

Other areas on the country’s map would also be expecting some form of extreme heat. The research was done by two bodies – the Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science and also the Australian National University.

According to the university’s climate scientist and primary author, the effects would be felt by the year 2040 onwards.

As Australia has always had a heightened temperature overall during summer, it only serves as an added indicator that other cities in the country should also brace itself for the gradual increased extreme heat numbers.

Image: Global Forum on Sustainable Energy

About the Paris Agreement and Australia

When the 196-country Paris Agreement took place in 2016, Australia set the mark to reduce emissions at a very high percentage. How high? Australia wants to drop its emissions to a 28% mark by the year 2030.

This is basically half of the emissions per capita between the years 2005 to 2030. The country’s regarded one of the globe’s biggest per capita greenhouse gas polluters – no kidding!

Just within the recent summer, Australia was hit with 200-odd weather records. This included counts of bushfires, heatwaves as well as floods occurring from last December to February 2017.

Image: ABC

A fellow researcher who hails from the University of Melbourne, a Mr Andrew King, stated that the study team had applied a different approach to get the figures. It took into tabulation how the severe effects of soon to come temperature extremities would affect the country.

Here’s another point to note from the study. According to it, the only way to get immediate relief was for there to be international action towards curbing the negative climate changes.

Perhaps it’s time we started to do our part here also, huh?

And perhaps…it’s not that bad here in Singapore, isn’t it?


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