What do you think of a man who doesn’t help out in housework? Here’s what a girl thinks


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There’s one thing that is blatantly true in almost every apartment. Men just won’t lift their hands up to do a bit of housework.

I mean, I’m not expecting him to go all Rambo on the house chores. But a bit of laundry and dishwashing would make my life so much simpler, don’t you think?

And when he does decide to do the laundry, he won’t even know how to operate the washing machine. Or figure out where the detergent is. IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

I always feel like I have to help, supervise or assist my man when he does housework. The one time he mopped the floor, it was all good and squeaky clean.

Until I stepped into the bathroom and the pail still had the dirty and murky water in it. And the mop was also in the pail.

Looks like I’ll also have to clean up after him when he says he’s done with cleaning up. Talk about ironic, especially when he offered to clean up because he wants to give me a break.


And no man wants to go into the kitchen and cook a meal for dinner. It’s like a topic that’s taboo. Unless your guy is a good cook, and then you’re really in for trouble.

Why? Well, I have an uncle who’s an excellent cook. He can whip things up in minutes, and they will taste and look like the dishes you see on Food Network.

But the mess we’re left with to clean in the kitchen is beyond terrifying. Have mercy on my soul. There are bottles of seasoning everywhere, and rubbish in the sink and on the table tops too.

It’s as though a hurricane swept through the kitchen and left the entire place in such a haphazard condition.

Have you ever asked your man to sort his things in the room? They’d be done in 5 minutes. The reason they’re so fast? All they’ve done is to take their junk from one location, and transferred it to another location that you might not be able to see.

Not until the next day or two. And that’s when your blood starts to boil.

So if you ask me, I’m better of doing the housework on my own. I like the fact that I do know that the work’s been done to my expectation, and that nothing’s been swept under the rug.

Oh, and if any lady out there has found a man who does housework, hold on to him tight. You’re never going to find another guy like that in another 10 years or so.

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