Third Don Don Donki Outlet Reportedly To Open At City Square in Jan 2019


Don Don Donki once said they aim to have 10 Don Don Donki outlets in Singapore by the year 2020.

At the moment, the score is at 2/10: one at Tanjong Pagar 100AM mall and one at Orchard Central.

But great news, fans of the discount Japanese chain, because come Jan 2019, there’s going to be one more Don Don Donki outlet opening in Singapore.

Opening at City Square Mall, To Be Exact.

The one at Kitchener Road, not across the causeway.

While not much is known about the new outlet, the good folks at spotted posters showing that the new outlet will be opened in Jan 2019.

The posters and signs are located at level B2 of the eco-friendly mall.

And that they’re now hiring people for the new outlet as well.

They’re looking to fill up the following positions:

  • Cashiers
  • Sales Associates
  • Service Crew
  • Kitchen Crew
  • Supervisors
  • Sushi Chefs
  • Butchers
  • Artists

Don Don Donki in Singapore Was First Thought Of in 2015

Don Don Donki, known as Don Quijote in its homeland of Japan, came to Singapore in Dec 2017.

They changed their name because there’s a Spanish restaurant in Singapore with that exact same name.

Which is a good thing because if they had gone for Don Quijote, most of us would’ve problem pronouncing the name properly. Namely my fat boss.

The idea to move the discount chain to Singapore was actually thought of back in 2015.

The founder and chairman of Don Quijote, Mr Yasuda, had moved to Singapore and was shocked to see Japanese items selling at such an expensive price.

And Since They’ve Been Here, They’ve Cultivated A Cult Following

Which isn’t surprising considering that Singaporeans love cheap deals so much we’re practically having an affair with them all the time.

For example, A 140g tube of Whip Premium face wash which has a cost of $17.49 on eBay, is only selling at $3.90 at Don Don Donki.

And for the snack lovers, you can get varied snacks including rice cakes and mochi starting at 90 cents a packet!


Plus, some of the items they sell are so out-of-this-world you just have to buy them and show it off to your friends.

Don Don Donki To Open Up Five Outlets in 2019

If everything follows according to the plan revealed by Don Don Donki, you’ll be seeing another 4 outlets open up in Singapore next year besides the outlet at City Square.

Locations are yet to be determined but I’m looking forward to it because so far, all the outlets are at the central.

Maybe it’s time for Don Don Donki to move to the west, pretty please?

Image: Quickmeme

If you open one in Bukit Batok, I’ll steal my boss’s credit card and spend all his fortunes at the outlet #ISwear


Not that there’s much left since my colleague kept on using his card to order dim sum. #ButEveryLittleBitCountsRight