10 Facts About the New Don Don Donki in Orchard Central That’ll Make You Visit It This Weekend


Don Don Donki. Repeat this – Don Don Donki. Say it again, Don Don Donki.

Okay, don’t hit me. My point is, it’s quite a handful to pronounce, don’t you think so?

Anyhow, this famous Japanese discount store will be opening its first store on Friday, 1 December in Orchard Central mall basement.

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Here are 10 facts you might be interested to know.

1. Operates 24/7

Woo! When one says it opens round the clock, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s 7-eleven.

There are a few others of course, like 24/7 kopitiams and gyms… but if we’re talking about a store and more, then 7-eleven kind of fits the bill.

But 7-eleven no more if you’re in town. Now you can get discounted Japanese items from Don Don Donki!

2. Its name was NOT originally Don Don Donki.

Did it come as a surprise? It sure did for me. Following the original name from its Japan outlets, it’s supposed to be “Don Quijote”.

But they changed it because it’s too difficult to pronounce. Kidding, because there’s a already a restaurant at Dempsey Road with the same name.

But I guess it’s a good thing? “Don Don Donki” seems easier to pronounce than “Don Quijote”.

3. Same range and wide mix of products as its Japan outlets

The double-storey 1,397 sqm Singapore outlet promises the same range of products as that of its Japan outlets.

Not only that, it will be at low prices. For example, A 140g tube of Whip Premium face wash which has a cost of $17.49 on Ebay, is only selling at $3.90 at Don Don Donki.

For the snack lovers, you can get varied snacks including rice cakes and mochi starting at 90 cents a packet!


4. About 30,000 products specially curated for Singapore

So they have specially chosen products to suit the taste and shopping preference of Singaporeans. Mind you, one-third of this product selection is from Hokkaido.

Thank you, Don Don Donki.

Friends, you can look forward to a wide array of products, including fresh vegetables and meats, groceries and beverages, party goods, costumes, clothing, make-up and household products.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

5. Out-Of-The-World Products


Think World’s Best Apples at $2.90? “They’re rare, very rare,” according to the sales staff.

Image: weekender.com.sg

What about Breath Palette’s flavored toothpaste at $1.90?

You can now have your breath smell like… Curry?

Image: weekender.com.sg

Not a fan of curry? Not to worry, they have 25 other peculiar flavours including kiwi and chocolate.

Christmas gift ideas, anyone?

6. Over 300 stores in Japan, Hawaii and the United States


To be exact, 368 stores. They made 828.8 billion yen (S$10 billion) in annual sales for the fiscal year that ended on June 30 this year.

Its well on its way to making more profits from the humans in Singapore. I’m one of them.

7. In partnership with Hokkaido Marche

It’s not running solo. Hokkaido Marche will open its hybrid restaurant and food court concept next to the discount store by the end of January 2018.

When Hokkaido Marche opens, it will offer 8 self-service style outlets and will have a night market concept for dinner hours.


The duo’s goal: To market Japanese food, products and restaurants to Singaporeans at prices that will make you go “Wah! So cheap!“.

8. Idea to expand in Singapore sparked in 2015

The Founder and Chairman of Don Quijote, Mr. Yasuda, moved over to sunny Singapore in 2015 and was shocked to see such steep prices for items that cost only a dollar in Japan.

“Back then, I was semi-retired, but when I moved to Singapore, it was surprising to see the price difference between Singapore and Japan,” according to Mr. Yasuda during a press conference yesterday.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

He adds, “What costs one dollar in Japan is sometimes two or three dollars here.”

9. At least 10 Don Don Donkis by 2022

Apart from the Orchard Central, there are plans to open the second store in 100am mall in Tanjong Pagar by June 2018.

Wow, very ambitious indeed. Please come to Bukit Batok. We will use our boss’s credit card to shop for stuff, all in the name of “content creation”.

Image: tumblr.com

10. Plans to expand into South-east Asia

Singapore will serve as headquarter for the business.

“Singapore is a very important market for us. It is also a good base for us as people speak English here and it makes it easier for us to expand globally,” said Mr. Yasuda.

And there you have it, some 10 gripping facts. I’m especially hyped about the rarer stuff that aren’t so common in Singapore. What about you?

Come, come, let’s take a walk together here:

Donki's first store in Singapore

Don Don Donki is in Singapore! We checked out some of the offerings at its Orchard Central outlet.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Make this your weekend plans! Don’t forget to drop by the atas Pasar Malam outside Ngee Ann City after that. 🙂

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