#ThirstyThursday: McDonald’s Hershey’s McFlurry Review: Best-est McFlurry If Not for the Price


Today’s review will be a little special… not because the review is anything special but because I get to show off my Huawei camera!

(because our photographer not in lah)

And of course, with this device, we all know that Huawei is spying on me, and so is Google and the FBI. So I can feel safe and at ease always because I know someone is always watching me.

So to the Huawei, Google and FBI agents currently checking my phone… I hope you’re having a great day 🙂

Image: Reddit (u/SRGRAFO)

Anyway, enough nonsense.

We’ll be having some of that Hershey Chocolatey goodness McFlurry that we previously teased about.

Hershey Oreo® McFlurry® and Hershey Mudpie McFlurry®

You heard that right. Mudpie McFlurry. It’s like a brand new discovery since it’s not even on the previous article.

Because we ordered delivery, the prices online were more expensive.

Hershey Oreo McFlurry is S$3.20 in the stores and S$3.70 online, while Hershey Mudpie McFlurry is S$4.00 online.

On hindsight, ordering these two variations was a dumb move. I should have ordered the Strawberry Shortcake variant.

Because there isn’t much visible difference to them. Yes, there’s a Strawberry Shortcake variant too.

Now look carefully, and tell me if you can notice a difference:


Yep, there isn’t much difference on the surface. The Mudpie version seems to add in chocolate swirls, and that’s about it.

Feeling scammed, that got me into a rage.

So I decided to toss the McFlurry out the window.


With quick reflexes and my 5-metre long arms, I quickly caught them back up and placed them back on the table.

The Taste Test

A small scoop shows there isn’t much difference underneath.

At this point, the need for more chocolate drove me to mess the whole cup up.

Image: Giphy

Actually, that’s how you’re supposed to eat a McFlurry isn’t it? Just mess it all up and eat it so you get a piece of every good little thing.

Don’t judge how it looks man. As they say, it’s all about the taste.

Image: Giphy

First, the Hershey’s Oreo McFlurry (without chocolate swirl).


And it was as like expected, the dreams of any child craving for chocolate.

The perfect combination of Hershey’s and McFlurry.

Image: memegenerator.net

If you ever had plain McFlurry, and then thought “if only I could inject some Hershey’s milk chocolate”, this would be the dream.

And then the Oreo just makes it all better because Oreos + Milk = Win.

It only makes sense that Oreos + Milk (in soft serve form) + Chocolate = Double Win.

But stepping back as an adult, I realise this is S$3.20.

I don’t know if the rich kids today think nothing about S$3.20, but back in my days S$3.20 is like one whole day’s allowance.

So while the kid inside me thinks this was the stuff of heavens, the adult in me thinks the price isn’t worth it.


Hershey’s chocolate also isn’t quite as sophisticated in taste, yeah? It’s not the bittersweet taste that chocolate aficionados will appreciate, since it’s more sugar than chocolate.

Now, the MudPie (with chocolate swirls).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the MudPie variant upped the chocolatey goodness with the swirls.

It was the good stuff. Every bite was just like eating a MudPie, but in ice cream form.

Image: Giphy

But a little bit of warning about mixing up the McFlurries: once you mix it, you can’t ever go back to unmix it.

It’s like the bear in the Toblerone logo. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. You’re never going back.

Image: Imgur

This is not to say that the flavour is bad or good, just that you can’t taste good old plain Hershey McFlurry anymore after mixing the swirls and oreo in. So eat some of the Hershey’s McFlurry on its own, then mix to your liking.

Considering everything, for the Hershey’s series, you go big or go home. You either order a simple Hershey’s Cone or go all the way and add in everything with the MudPie.

Skip anything in between that’s only a half complete version, which would include the Hershey’s Oreo McFlurry.

With how similar the 2 things I ate are, it feels weird to give a separate rating. So here goes the rating for the series instead:

Rating: 3.5/5 (if you care about price)

5/5 if you don’t care about price or how people judge you for liking commercially produced chocolate.