#ThirstyThursday: PlayMade Brown Rice Latte With Pink Cactus Review: Tastes Like Half A Genmaicha

PlayMade is a PTSD-inducing name.

Image: Giphy

The last sentence of an article we did on PlayMade echoes in my ears.

Well…I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I guess there’s only one way to find out.

one way to find out.

find out.

Image: Giphy

Those of you who follow #ThirstyThursday will know what I’m talking about.

I’m shaking just from typing it. The WAs9agfSaAadssibibiiiiiii Milk Tea. The only review to receive a negative 5 upon the full score of 5, said to be “an existence too dangerous to exist. Too unholy a concoction to be possible.”

So when my editors told me they were ordering from PlayMade I immediately screamed and went to hide in our fridge, shivering from fear.

I also said hi to the hobo in our fridge. / Image: Giphy

Behold: the fear inducing…

Brown Rice Latte With Pink Cactus Pearls?

Image: Giphy

It wasn’t some weird shit like Ghost Peppers Curry Sauce Chocolate Bandung Durian Deluxe. This actually sounds normal.

And for some reason, my editors thought this was supposed to be coffee in some ways, because of the word Latte.

So a little lesson on coffee names: latte is indeed the short form for Caffelatte, which is coffee with milk, or more specifically espresso with steamed milk. But the word latte itself is just milk. If you don’t believe me you can try ordering latte in Italy.

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Anyway, what we have is a Brown Rice Tea with Milk, and with a pink cactus pearl topping.

But there is a problem.

The image for Brown Tea Latte they gave is this:

Image: PlayMade

As you can see, they had two colours. Very cool looking.

And as you can clearly see, this is what I got:

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Which means they took away my Instagram shot! Those bastards!


Taste Test

The shot seemed a bit boring so Doraemon and minion joined in.

Those who drank Genmaicha will be familiar with a green tea aroma and a scented, roasted flavour.

Image: Wikipedia

I set my sugar level at 25%, so the tea not being particularly sweet is to be expected. But…

It tasted like half a Genmaicha. Which means that it doesn’t have the green tea part, but it has a scented, roasted flavour.

I don’t know what I expected, but it also tasted like rice flavoured water. In Korea (and I believe in Taiwan too, but I can’t find it for some reason) there’s a tea called sungnyung where you make tea from scorched (essentially roasted) rice.

So everything we have here is actually pretty normal. The drink is somewhat creamy, though it doesn’t particularly have a milky taste. Overall, it’s actually quite bland. I do think that if I’m ordering bubble tea I’d want something with a little more oomph to it.


As for the pink cactus pearls…

Will this contain needles like a cactus every does? Is this where the surprise starts? Well no.

Cactus sounds weird, but the water is actually drinkable. Cactus is said to have a berry-like taste to it but I’m not sure I got it here. Like the Brown Rice Tea Latte, this is surprisingly bland, though it does have a good chew to it.

Overall, this is something I don’t mind drinking again but it is a whopping S$4.80 on GrabFood. At that price, do you really want to drink rice flavoured water?



Rating: 2/5

Too ex. Cai Png is only S$3 man.

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