#ThirstyThursdays: This Hot Animal Doctor Will Make You Want To Volunteer At SPCA


Ladies, I am sure that y’all will find a man 10 times hotter if he loves animals, am I right?

Well, prepared to be hot and bothered—I mean it’s #ThirstyThursdays!

What do you expect?

Let me introduce y’all to a very hot doctor.

Wait, that was last week.

I mean a very hot animal doctor!

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

His name is Evan Antin and he used to be a former model and personal trainer.


But now he is an animal veterinarian at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California.

This 31-year old red-blooded American doesn’t only treat cute puppies and cats. He handles wild animals as well, from snakes to crocodiles, you name it.

You can call him “The Animal Whisperer”.

I bet that cold-blooded snake is all warmed up in his arms.

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

The crocodile was probably going in for a kiss, but I guess he knows how to maintain a professional boundary with his patients.

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

He once told reporters that “the bond between humans and animals is one of the most special things on the planet.”

Luckily for us, he chronicles his job on Instagram, which has 1 million followers as of writing time.

He even has his own Youtube channel where he shares his passion for animals.


Okay, I will stop talking because I know what you’re here for….

Is this what we call puppy love?

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

The only man who will be smiling when there are reptiles clinging onto his body.

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

Who can blame the lovelorn giraffe for falling for his dashing looks ?

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

Do you even lift bruh?

Image: instagram.com/dr.evanantin/

I am sure all the ladies (and some men) are like this thirsty hamster.

Image: tenor.com

But sorry to break it to you guys but this tall glass of water is engaged to a beautiful travel journalist.

That is all I’m saying, I don’t want to stir the pot any further!

PS: Maybe he can come down to Singapore and help us out with the wild boar situation.

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Featured image: DR Evan Antin Facebook