This App is a Lifesaver For Couples Who Take Forever To Decide What To Eat

Hands up if you wish that you can earn some cash back every time you eat out.

That dream might not be as far away as you think because there’s a new feature on the ShopBack app that gives you exactly that.

Get some moolah every time you want to eat good food with your bae.

Plus. there’s a secondary function to it as well. The feature is able to help couples decide where to eat faster and with as little pain as possible too!

Best for couples who take forever to decide where to eat at on your dates. 

Explore the best dining spots by browsing through the curated collections, where you’d discover both familiar household names as well as fresh new faces in the F&B scene.

Make sure to enable location services when prompted so you can discover outlets nearby, and get rewarded with Cashback when you try them out!


Okay, I’m going to talk about something unrelated for a couple of seconds. Why? Because in order to understand what the new feature is all about, you’d need to know about this.

Image: ShopBack Singapore

What’re a few ways you can get the most out of your buck? It’ll be the straightforward 20% off, cashback or bulk buys, right?

And when it comes to online shopping rewards, nobody’s better than ShopBack which gives you Cashback for almost everything you can find online.

Guess what? They’re now looking to give you the same great rewards you get online by venturing into the offline F&B space.

Image: Tenor

ShopBack GO

With ShopBack’s new feature, ShopBack GO, you can now earn Cashback for in-store spend when you dine out.

But that raises the question; what differentiates the two products, seeing how ShopBack GO is housed within the ShopBack app?

Well, while ShopBack offers Cashback on online shopping, ShopBack GO rewards you with Cashback when you dine out at their F&B merchant partners!

Cashback on OFFLINE F&B merchants.

Yes, my ladies and gentlemen, you can now get Cashback when you eat out at your favourite eating places!

And by that, I mean makan places like:

  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Canton Paradise
  • Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant
  • Eggs ‘n Things
  • Hot Tomato
  • Paradise Dynasty
  • Yole
  • Maki-San

And more.

Imagine wanting to go to Canton Paradise because you’ve got to say sorry for missing your mother’s birthday.

She forgives you and you get 5% Cashback on your total bill before GST and service charges, on top of your card rewards and in-store promotions! Win-win situation, no?

And just to be clear, you’re getting back real cash that you can transfer from your ShopBack account into your bank account. Not the usual rebates where you’ll get $xx off your next purchase. Read on. 

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple actually. All you’ve got to do is follow these simple steps, and you’re well on your way to becoming a Cashback king!

Step 1: Link Card – Securely link your choice of Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to your ShopBack account. You can choose to link as many cards as you like. The linking process for a card is a simple one-time process.

ShopBack will never charge your card – any transactions will be solely between you and the restaurant.

Step 2: Activate Cashback – You will first have to activate Cashback before you pay in-store, to ensure successful Cashback. To do that, simply switch on your device location services after which you will be presented with the list of nearby dining outlets or you can search for a particular dining outlet, category, or location you have in mind. Click on any outlet you fancy and then click on “Activate Cashback” – this activation lasts for 30 days!

Step 3: Pay and Earn: You can then proceed to pay directly with any of the cards you’ve linked, not with the ShopBack app. Various payment methods can be used including swiping your card, PayWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. In fact, however you’ve been paying for your meals, you can keep on doing the same – that’s how simple it is to earn Cashback with ShopBack GO! Be sure you make payment while the outlet is activated for Cashback. You can choose to reactivate Cashback once it expires. Cashback earned can be cashed out into your desired bank or PayPal account.

And you’re done; it’s that easy!

It’s a Life-Saving App 

So imagine you’re now in Orchard with your girlfriend and she’s doing the whole where-should-we-eat dinner and dance.


Instead of trying to wreck your brain (and possibly yourself) by giving inappropriate choices, just launch ShopBack GO in the app and check out what eating places with Cashback are nearby.

Then eat it and save.

Now, instead of having dinner at 9 pm, you might, might be able to eat at 8 pm instead. The delay’s because of mandatory #IGFoodShots

Now you get why it’s a lifesaver app? It saves the love of your life from walking out of it.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the ShopBack app asap, because it’s the app you might not have known about…

But definitely need.

You can download the app for yourself here.

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with ShopBack