This Could Be the Most Premium Credit Card in The World. Here’s Why


Having an “Elite” or “Titanium level” credit card doesn’t cut it anymore, at least for status-conscious millionaires and billionaires around the world.

Being a premier banking customer or even having a Swiss bank account doesn’t say much in the world of the rich now – but having the Centurion Card does.


What does having the Centurion card say about your status? It says, “You are one hell of a valuable customer.”

This card is by American Express and it is pretty much shrouded in mystery. The criteria are not specifically known, and that what makes it so elite. You can only be a cardholder by invitation only, and merely having a few million dollars in your bank account might not even qualify you.

It’s said that your annual household income has to be at least USD1.3million and your individual net value has to be at least USD16million.

You’d first have to be an Amex cardholder who has a spending history of $250,000/year in order to be even considered for this card, which requires a cardholder fee of about $2,500 a year.

Why on earth would anyone pay that annual fee, you might ask?

A $500 fee already seems pretty high to us. Don’t think that stops here. The premium benefits you get more than just outweighs the fees you pay.


Besides getting free Ritz Carlton hotel stays, you can also receive complimentary airline tickets. Furthermore, you basically get your personal concierge who is on call 24/7 to cater to all your wishes (all expenses paid by you, of course). As long as your request is legal, they will go through trials and tribulations just to fulfil your request.

A Reddit user even disclosed that money was never an issue.

Ex-concierges have fulfilled requests such as contacting all sorts of car dealers to find a specific car, getting tickets to sold-out concerts or even calling every single store in the country to find a certain requested item.

Nothing is too much – even hiring a private jet in 24 hours – as long you have the ability to pay.

The card also reportedly has no credit limit – you can even use it to buy a luxury car.

So here’s another motivation for those who are aspiring to be rich – aim for the Centurion card and be among elites like Lady Gaga, Kayne West or G-Dragon, who all have this coveted Black Amex.

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This article was first published on in 2016 and revised on 8 July 2017.

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